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  1. 37 minutes ago, BelgiumDude said:

    It's valid criticism I think. Consumer criticism is there to learn from. I read a lot of nonsense on this forum and consider myself a fanboy of this series but the OP has a valid point. I'm not from Italy so didn't opt for Scuderia but I did not choose especially because I'm not from Italy and not a fan of Ferrari. I can imagine if I lived in Italy or was a Ferrari fan my team name would have been Scuderia ...... or at least I would have wanted that and it sounds rather silly you can't use that generic word.

    I agree with what your saying seems silly really

    @KOCTA There was an F1 team called BMS Scuderia Italia in the late eighties. You could try putting F1, team, or Forza in front of the word Scuderia to try and get around it  

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  2. On 7/8/2020 at 1:31 AM, BiohazardBGR said:

    From what I experience so far customization of my team car is very bland, looks like you can only change some basic paint on the multiplayer car. Is there going to be an option for different chaises, halo options with winglets on top, and different materials like Ferraris carbon, or dual material like Merc have, silver on top black inside? Will there be an option to use the new trending slim noses like in real life, similar to Merc, Reno or Redbull. Are we gonna use the same basic shape of the multiplayer car for 10 seasons or we will be able to upgrade the parts visually? The basic car is so simple and boring, with no interesting design compared to the original teams. My team looks great on paper but the execution is extremely basic. I think this mode will get old very fast if those options are not introduced with an update. I was expecting you will have the option to create the silhouette of the car from the beginning using the multiplayer car is a lazy approach. I really really hope we will be able to change the geometry of the car not only the color scheme.

    An answer to your question the FIA have a specific model. Although as the new regulations come into force in 2022 they (the teams) have to choose from set design's I think? If that's the case it might open up wing and winglet alterations in future it's hard to say right now.  

  3. Just now, BarryBL said:

    Haha maybe next year. Not enough data to give me a driver stat. 

    Need at least 10 races to hand me a 1 overall driver card stat. I've got to admit, having some CM staff in-game as mega low rated, free agent drivers to help teams in a financial hole would be funny. 

    Ah that's not on. I work in manufacturing. You always see a Ross brawn type walking around with info on his clipboard. Trying to figure it out while scratching his head with a biro.  

  4. 10 minutes ago, DrDraken said:

    But if you don't, you end up in Administration.  Ya pays yer money, ya takes yer chances.  🤣

    No bother do a Finbarr race while in administration buy it back from the administrator at half the price problem solved :classic_biggrin:


    @BarryBL where is your character in this game   

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  5. On 6/14/2020 at 10:34 PM, kalamazoo123 said:

    So are all the tracks used this season surely if it’s the official game!

    Like i said, i know they can’t possibly get them ready for launch - even if it didn’t take long to make a track the calendar may not even be finalised bu then. We will have to wait undoubtably but my point is that they must be patched in at some point.

    I reckon it depends on outside help to speed thing's up a bit. Getting it ready for launch is impossible. They have had help with an F1 game before. There's no reason it can't happen again. As the official F1 game I see they have little or no choice plus some mid season DLC would be nice. See what happens in time I suppose.   

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  6. On 5/21/2020 at 5:09 PM, AlpakaWhacker said:

    With the addition of the "My Team" Career mode in singleplayer, allowing you to become the 11th team on the grid and allowing 22 cars to be racing together... my question/suggestion is....

    Could 22 player races be done in multiplayer?

    Obviously this wouldn't really be possible if your using the proper F1 teams (McLaren, Renault, Ferrari etc etc) but if you were to set up a multiplayer lobby with the Multiplayer Cars (assuming that that feature will be remaining in 2020), could this allow the lobby to reach 22 racers/players + 2 spectators instead of the standard 20 + 2 spectators? Because it's not as if it really matters when it comes to teams, you just get assigned a team mate for the purpose of sharing a pit garage for pit stops and with the 11 teams in the "My Team" Career mode, there will already, in theory, be 11 pit garages and 22 starting positions allocated to each track.

    This is more me wondering and just thinking out loud.

    Regardless to what the idiots with no clue say on this thread. It's a good idea it depends on the complications on implementing it & the number of the cars on the real life grid. Back in 2010 we could of had  26 cars on the grid in 2016 we had 22 when Haas joined so the more the merrier. If some can't play the game properly that's their problem. The shouldn't project their problems on everybody else.

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  7. On 5/13/2020 at 11:20 AM, BarryBL said:

    It is an on/off toggle like @Worntoathread stated. A 'hold' function wouldn't be the best thing to add as drivers will have enough to think about. 

    Who makes the decision at codemasters anyway? I have to say this is one of the worse decision's ever. Give the people who like to change ERS the ability to run a manual system one change per lap if needs be as said by @ChasteWand. I know your trying to cater to people who drive like fisher price but still.  It's an insult to user's who spend £100's on racing systems  

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  8. I have to say the games promising but I'm disappointed at the lack of localized weather. The system is to easy to predict unrealistic and looks like somebody used photo shop to create it. We need the spray drying racing line after a shower and puddles that destabilise the car similar to forza would be more welcome realistic.

  9. On 5/7/2020 at 5:04 PM, sloppysmusic said:

    Since I went from 25 to 100 % I cannot imagine going back. My argument is that there is so much more strategy involved in the full race and more ways to change result around yet I still spent the exact amount of time racing. At first there is the excitement of different venues and advancing career fast but once you've seen all the tracks and then have to do them all again over and over I prefer just to relax and get involved in own race more. As long as I can do one race a day, usually practice and Qualy then a break then fresh for the race I'm fine. Comes down to if I'm enjoying myself I don't want it to stop! I saw the interlagos esport race and tbh I wish it had been full length. It flew by and kept me fascinated start to finish.

    It's also way easier imo to not get caught out by tire issues, takes quite a few laps of degradation before I have to pit so I can choose a good time to box.

    Now if it's raining the whole race that's different! I hate the rain.... 🏎️😂

    Same here. I reckon some don't like it as it requires a lot of mental concentration. Something some people don't really want to do. I love racing around Monaco in the wet or Singapore in a late eighties car as it's a real challenge like cycling 26 miles as I call around the block.         

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  10. 9 hours ago, stephensmattlee said:

    I feel F1 2020 could potentially get an enhanced patch to make more use of the next gen consoles later in the year but of course it isn’t guaranteed. Worse case scenario both the new consoles are backwards compatible so we’ll still be able to play the game on the new hardware.

    I fully expect F1 2021 to be a lot more focussed on making more use of what the next gen consoles are capable of but not sure whether it would require a whole new engine like F1 2015 did, but I guess only the developers themselves can answer that.  

    I guess one question is whether F1 2021 (if they went for a June release next year) will also be available on PS4 and Xbox One, or strictly next gen only. 

    More than likely I imagine it will be the same as the last time. PS4 and Xbox one came out in Xmas 2013 the last game for PS3 Xbox 360 was F1 '14.  F1 2015 was the first for that (xbox one PS4) generation. We'll probably see F1 2022 to be the first game on the new gen. Makes sense as the new rules will be introduced by then       

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  11. In F1 2019 last year PC had a system where you could move lap time counter, speedometer, number of laps etc around the screen. From what I remember in a forum post I think (not sure) codemasters said it's something were looking into for consoles but it's not guaranteed is there any news on that?   

  12. 4 hours ago, sloppysmusic said:

    I get what you're saying too. Is this the same as what pcars does now? you can select up to 4 car class types or 4 exact actual cars. If you do the latter I dont know if THEY have to be in the same class haven't actually tried that yet!

    Good question project cars 2 has it in there I think? The first project cars game doesn't have it.  

  13. 1 hour ago, sloppysmusic said:

    Good point. In project cars 2 all the classic cars are divided into separate performance classes so its quick and easy to either allow cars from one class only or allow multi class races where different classes are allowed but they are all racing ONLY their actual class like in real life multi class races, such as endurance races.

    That's not exactly what I'm getting at. Instead what I'm trying to say is single class (C2) or (C1) or (C3) by itself for example Allowing the host to enable/disable certain cars within that class so players can use the Williams fw14b and the McLaren 1991 car only for an early nineties race.  Instead of current system of full choice or RESTRICTED to one car access of the entire class.

    So in other words if I wanted to host an early 2000's F1 car race. I can disable the late 2000's cars from the host's menu so players have the option to pick early 2000's F1 cars ONLY People can pick different cars like the early 2000's Willams and Ferrari. Instead of what we have now full choice or being forced onto a grid of only one car in that class. It gives players choice of a car from that part of the decade. Early or late. As well as the current system of full choice or restricted to one car only in that specific class

    Give the host of an online session more option's to play around with in the classic car class lobby.

    I hope you understand 

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  14. I've played around with classic cars for a while now. How come you don't allow the host the choice of what classic cars the player's chooses from? For example If I wanted to host play, an early ninety's race I wouldn't be allowed or able to restrict players from choosing the 1998 McLaren although it's an early nineties race.

    There's no options for the host in the lobby to play around with. In the classic cars section. You have options to restrict assists but not classic car choice based on classic car tier/class in C1 C2 or C3 can you look into adding this for F1 2020 options menu for lobby host online @BarryBL it would be appricated and classic races a bit more fun instead of people always picking the fastest tiered car when available.     

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  15. They can't even simulate complex weather pattern's correctly. FYI @BarryBL codemasters had localized weather in F1 2012 I recommend you try it in dynamic conditions if you have a copy of the game. It's asking a lot given the age. What was great about that system it kept the player guessing what tyres to be on sometimes it was impossible to tell. So if sector three or one was wet the other two sectors were dry. When the cars started going over the racing line they created a drying line after a shower. You could go on dry tyre's half way through intermediate conditions on slicks just as long you stuck on the racing line. Stray away from the racing line and you aquaplane off the track or spin.

    The last few games are too predicable with weather doesn't even feel realistic because as soon as DRS is disabled/enabled that marks the changeover point making it easier to notice.   

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  16. Include all the little things we had during the Xbox 360 PS3 gen we don't have now. Localized weather the same as F1 2012, The increased pitlane time in 2010 for speeding in the pitlane on full throttle, 75% race distance F1 2010, Classic tracks F1 2013, Red flags, Online game stability netcode, framerate, when lobbies are full. AI driver mistakes F1 2012 this was more evident in wet weather conditions.

    If you can't do any of these things. Then give the license to somebody else since so called CODEMASTERS are incapable of providing a stable game that keeps the person engaged while racing.     

  17. On 4/19/2020 at 11:40 AM, ZixClon said:


    Its always the same race option

    50% is not balanced for race stratégie if you take a look on some track. Will you had the 75% race? It will be great if we get it for the first time since 5 years

    Wow that's yet another thing people have waited for since the Xbox 360 PS3 gen to be re-introduced into the game. And yet no answer  

  18. 5 hours ago, UP100 said:

    I think having around a 1000 testers is enough as it should provide enough players from all areas.

    Dedicated servers are always useful, they do use some kind of LAN system in the actual F1 esports events but if the groundwork for the networking is still P2P-like, it doesn't help much 😕 

    Question is how many of those testers will want to actually fix the games problems. Comparing to those who upload the content to their youtube channel just to gain views with clickbait titles?

    I think dedicated servers are a must for any racing game. Although given their reputation they would find away of un-optimizing the game properly. I remember the first esports event in F1 2017 I think. The game was so poor their was lag (or could possibly have been framerate drops) ON A LAN.

    Personally from what another user said here a while back a full rewrite of their EGO engine (or whatever it's called now) is sorely needed.     

  19. 1 hour ago, TheWalker17 said:

    I'm indeed looking forward new details Barry.

    It's just I don't have faith anymore, every year is the same. I even got to try the beta of F1 2019 and that made me buy the game, then the game itself was totally different. It feels like FIFA, the demo is extremely good, then the real game comes and it's totally different from what you tried.

    I'm sad, because I love F1 and had lot of fun with the F1 titles, but in the past years it's been a more of the same in terms of handling, physics, and how polished was the game, the same bugs and the same problems carried over and over. I'd happily miss a new game if this means the devs take more time to polish what they have and use it as base for future games.

    Pretty much hit the nail on it's head. I've been waiting since F1 2012 for old features to reappear like the weather system 

    but since they botched jobbed their game engine in preparation for the new consoles with barebones F1 2015 & I've been paying for it ever since then. If it wasn't for racing online with good friends that I know for a laugh I wouldn't bother with this overpriced so called simcade game. Nobody can say I haven't been patient.

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  20. 3 minutes ago, LedbetterZA said:

    First thing I wanted to know about this year's game but can't find mention of it... will there eventually be a mode where we race the actual 2020 season post Covid with the proposed double race weekends etc? I think its pretty important the game reflects reality that way. Obviously it would be an update later in the year.

     Short answer No

  21. 22 minutes ago, er185 said:

    The Steam page says "x16 classic F1® cars from 1988-2010." This means no 1972 Lotus 72D, 1976 Ferrari 312 T2, 1976 McLaren M23D, 1978 Lotus 79, 1979 Ferrari 312 T4 and 1982 McLaren MP4 / 1B?

    I hope this isn't the case but I'd take it if only the made the weather system more unpredictable for players in changeable conditions.