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    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    Classic track and modern ones to Classic: Imola, Brands hatch, Old Hockenheim pre 2002, Fuji Speedway, Adliede, Donington Park Modern Indy F1 layout, South Korea F1 2010, Istanbul Park, India circuit, Nurburging as used in F1 2009
  2. Chromatic

    Why no safety car(or VSC) this accident!?

    Thanks for the post. It looks promising although it's not worth getting my hopes up right now for a patch which might not make that much difference to the game as it is. I'm a bit skeptical but hopefully they can prove me wrong.
  3. Chromatic

    New Moderators Appointed

    Fair enough 😉 👌
  4. Chromatic

    Why no safety car(or VSC) this accident!?

    Codemasters don't believe the safety car exists. What gets to me personally is the so called support longer in a games lifespan than before while the truth of it is lies from Lee mather. And other's to cover up the half baked development we have to suffer each year on release.
  5. Peer to peer may have it's own set of problem's but it doesn't give the right to place excuse or the blame on that. When running with a defective game engine. Otherwise every developer would using it as an excuse.
  6. Chromatic

    New Moderators Appointed

    Guess that means my account will be swiftly deleted then for speaking the truth
  7. Chromatic

    Any further updates for F1 2019?

    Typical PR reply We believe it when we see it.
  8. Since I've bought F1 2019 I've noticed that the weather system and setups online are too scripted. (Probably since they like to copy and paste every year) There is no variation within the setups check the top fifty in any time trial and you can see what I'm talking about. The weather system doesn't really ask much from you or for the player. To ask them use their judgement in changing conditions anybody can tell pretty easily enough when to change to the right tyre. Not sure about career but that's the online side of the game.
  9. Great as if my day couldn't get any worse. Will I have to purchase the limited edition to get **** skins and the other half of the game JUST GREAT
  10. Chromatic

    No Assists vs. Assists [F1 2019]

    I agree to this. I don't have the time to practice for a whole day to reach the top 100 in the leaderboard but I will throw five hours in six at most. What frustrates me more is the lack of variety with people setups more rear wing than front wing for the sake of stability. If you were to try 6Front-4Rear wings with a quick race setup the front wing doesn't give anything to the car the front wing might as well not exist in the game. Regardless you should be able to be quick on time trial regardless of what wings you run front or rear with time & effort assists or no.
  11. Chromatic

    Copymasters F1 2018 Copy

    Lee Mather (Game Driector) being one of the most half hearted and most clueless (in terms of Formula 1 motorsport) developers in the history of gaming. I agree at least when Steve Hood (remember him) had some passion for the games. Lee Mather doesn't look interested at all plus he's happy to lie through his teeth in press interviews to build up the false hype every year. Here's a bit of advice if you can't fit it into your game in time at least test the bloody thing for issues including (your engine) F1 2015 was an absolute mess and I feel we are paying for that every single year since then.
  12. @BarryBL upkeep in the communications department so far has been great. However time will tell whether or not if this is just a short term thing with codemasters and others. Before we are back in the dung heap again with no communication.
  13. Chromatic

    What is your driver number?

    I had a plan to use 88 but Haryanto at Manor took it. I use 47 now after the Agent 47 from the hitman games
  14. Chromatic


    And after some poor soul has gone through all of that trouble of providing evidence we will just go ahead & ignore you anyway Sincerely Codemasters
  15. Chromatic

    New Developer Liaison

    Good to see you Barry. In answer to your query it's sad to say beyond the developer liaison nobody ever replies from codemasters. But when they do this SOB usually lies through his teeth https://twitter.com/TheLeeMather/status/1162757089846005761
  16. Chromatic

    Safety car

    Look on the bright side lads. We've seen more safety cars in real life for the past 6 months than in Codmasters games for three years. The racing in formula 1 is getting better Thank god they can't get there grubby hands all over FOM. They would find a way to **** it up
  17. I agree I will vote with my wallet. Back in the previous generation I used to think codmasters took pride in the games they made. Now I realise with the latest GRID they milk there games for the season pass and microtransactions like Formula 1 with false hype and no communication. Dirt rally games I'm sure are probably they only decent games they take the time and pride to create.
  18. Chromatic

    Safety car

    Not sure where your getting hundreds of people it's working perfectly from. It differs for some people. The frequency of when it should deploy itself is totally screwed up.for career and online it's been this way since they re-interduce it back on F1 2016. I fear what scottishwildcat says about rebuilding and rewriting a new engine for the new consoles might actually solve the problem. To wait five years for a fix if that's the case is beyond ridiculous to be honest
  19. oThe last thing I would like to see is the F1 2010 pit crew system If you keep the speed at 61mph this would happen by driving too fast like an idiot Drive too slow and the pitstop would cost you 12 seconds or more. To your pitstop time. This to me added more depth and an art to the game. The trick codemasters was teaching was too get the perfect pitstop. This was achieved by driving with skill between 30-60mph hence the achievement well drilled which I got on the first day of playing F1 2010. These things really I'd love to see return for F1 2020 too me it's overdue
  20. I wouldn't call these features more of a re integration of thing's from previous F1 games -F1 2012 weather system As you can see the intermediate tyres begin to wear (overheat) as the rain has stopped I'm on the racing line which is already dry. By running away from this racing line I can cool the intermediate tyres down. When switched to slicks the tyres are not properly warmed up so to warm them up to temperature I have to stay on the racing line. Watch what happen's when I stray away from that darkened racing line Marbles are also visible on my tyres which on this game at the time take half a lap to scrub off.
  21. Is that it? Will anything else be fixed? Simple YES or NO answer will do
  22. Chromatic

    Safety car

    Codmasters don't care enough to fix an issue that's existed for more than two years as what is an obvious FU to consumers.
  23. Chromatic

    Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Aero - Question

    I reckon it's the same for all circuits I'm afraid. The only way that could work is if the components started slightly hotter at the start of a race around Mexico than usual due to the low atmospheric density as you say. If codemasters could achieve this it might open a new can of worms. Or it's probably not possible for them at present to have it included.
  24. Chromatic

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    These sort of thing's I hoped would be in the game for 2011. Yeah it's annoying for the casual's but for people who want a bit more realism it would encourage people to save the engine plus the gearbox instead of driving in second gear only. Full power down a long straight with no consequences.
  25. Chromatic

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    All this time of silence just to pawn no safety car fix when you clearly know something is wrong. What a joke of a company you really are you don't give a **** do you