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  1. So, what I can gather: - AI still sucks badly everytime they don´t have the full width of the track for them. - Setups are still broken and extreme setups are the fastest. - Grass and turf are still extremelly grippy making the fastest lines 2 meters wider than they are in the real tracks. - Hitting a high curb still has like 0 effect making the apexes a contest to see who cheats them the most. Aaaaand all these trouble have been around for like 4 years. Time to move to Pcars.
  2. Because the series has stalled long ago.   -They can´t get right track limits, the game allows us to make a total mockery of them, even more tan in real life. Curbs don´t upset the cars, there are high curbs taken out to avoid upsetting bad players, there´s crazy grip on the grass and the turf. The result? People driving everything but the track. - They can´t get right setup, there´s always a bunch of extreme settings that work amazingly well. If you don´t use them, you´re mega slow. I refuse to use 1-1 wings, mínimum ride height and max camber in every track. That´s nonsense. They don´t even give us an option to lock setups to default to bypass this mess.   These two things make multiplayer useless. And single player is limited by the terrible AI that can´t pass you in a straight line without lifting for no reason, and that brakes mega early everytime they´re not in the racing line.
  3. Tronch

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    I want the same tan I wanted any other year and we still didn´t get: - Detail in the curbs reproduction. Lots of high curbs missing in F1 2013. - Realistic reactions to curb riding, cars getting into much more trouble riding them. - WAAAAAAY lower grip levels on astroturb and grass. - Improvements on setup. Tired of extreme setups being fastest again, and again, and again all through the series. - Much more sensitivity regarding damage.   That´s it. If they manage these, the game will rock. No need for silly features or gimmicks. Get the gameplay right and it will shine.
  4. There´s no need for including an unrealistic feature to prevent this exploit. What happens in real F1 if you downshift too fast is that the rear tyres can´t handle it and lock up. And we all know what happens when you lock the rears under braking, you spin. That´s what they have to do.