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  1. Yeah that would be nice. At least they should fix the SC, driver transfers, r&d, AI and Coop Championship....
  2. Added: - cool down lap - "real" radio sounds - more "real tv" like graphics overlay - localised weather (as we already had) - full controll of the car (warm up lap, under VSC, SC etc)
  3. I will add those to the list soon. Also added a good point: Red Flags
  4. I added some of them to my ideas as "add-on". Also added some to the end of the list.
  5. Hey guys, Lets collect the wishes for the next game. I just think CM already works on F1 2020 so maybe we will give them some ideas what the people want the most. Lets start: (!!!) 1.1 Coop-Championship -> like it was in 2018. Real life car performance. Online with friends. Saving between sessions. 1.2 Coop-Career or Versus Carrer (!!!) Liike the singeplayer but you can race with at least one friend for the same team and upgrade it together OR: you can also race for different teams and improve those (!) 2. Safety Car (!) - it is just t
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