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  1. ZirconAres

    F1 My Team - F2 Drivers

    So we will have the option of choosing from the 2019 grid, but my only questions are will we see the 2020 grid added, and which 2019 F2 grid will it be aswell, the start of the season grid or late season grid, personally because I wanted to choose Lundgaard as my teammate who only raced in Abu Dhabi.
  2. ZirconAres

    Quali Bug

    If you get knocked out in Q1 then for some reason when you go the race all drivers will start on the mediums bar one. Even though it should be softs realistically.
  3. ZirconAres

    F1 2019 Career Mode Teammates

    No idea. Everyone I've seen has played through the feeder series.
  4. ZirconAres

    F1 2019 Career Mode Teammates

    Yeah I know you could at the start last year, but this year you select your F1 team like we did last year, when we moved teams. Its a contract, rather than...*select Toro Rosso* ... *choose Albon*
  5. From what I've seen there is still no way of choosing your teammate and selecting an F1 Team for Career Mode, instead it depends on the 1st/2nd driver role which sucks. Like if I want to be 1st driver at Mercedes I replace Hamilton? Surely we should get a little freedom there. Especially as I want to start with Toro Rosso and Albon, but that means asking for 1st driver...at my first F1 Team.... Unless I'm wrong of course and have missed the option to choose it! But I don't think I have...