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  1. DerpTheThird

    Possible Baku Tyre Practice Program Issue

    What bit was too aggressive? The front toe? I like a partially oversteer-y car, but it is down to 013 now
  2. Had this issue in the pits. Basically, I wasn't using enough revs aha Are you doing what I did? Also if you use a wheel, map the clutch pedal/button to your right shift padel. Controller?...no clue, wait for a fix I guess
  3. DerpTheThird

    F1 2019: Sound of own car to silent

    Looks like Codemasters has removed the option to turn down the sound of other cars. You might just have to put up with it :/ Have a fiddle with the surround sound settings to see if that helps
  4. DerpTheThird

    Possible Baku Tyre Practice Program Issue

    The 95% is only for TT sorry, I use 75% - 95% for the career race, and bear in mind that you don't push to the max in practice & I was using lean fuel and Low ERS in my career practice for the corners Spent 2 hours perfecting my Baku setup, it's now: 3 / 4 ► 75 / 95 ► -2.70 / -1/30 / 0.13 / 0.35 ► 2 / 3 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 4 ► 80% / 54% ► 21.8 / 20.7
  5. DerpTheThird

    DRS problem

  6. DerpTheThird

    Weird crash/bug during Baku race

    I last had this glitch on F1 2017 It happens when you flashback in a certain spot, and every time you flashback back, again and again, the issue gets worse aha, you just have to work around it or restart the race
  7. DerpTheThird

    Possible Baku Tyre Practice Program Issue

    My Baku setup is: 4 - 4 | 95% / 75% | 3 / 1.50 / 0.15 / 0.35 | 3 / 3 | 6 / 7 | 2 / 4 | 80% / 56% | 22.2 / 21/1 Very smooth setup, tried various other setups too. I'm a smooth driver, been using the wheel for years so I don't need to be told how to drive Thanks for everyone's input
  8. DerpTheThird

    Possible Baku Tyre Practice Program Issue

    No it doesn't are you not reading properly I have tried all manner of setups...same problem each time for all of the games with every car. I've tried everything mate. When I was doing the program yesterday I was running low pressures (F-22.2 / R-20.7) Stop trying to disprove me
  9. DerpTheThird

    Possible Baku Tyre Practice Program Issue

    Just take a deeper look for yourself. It's definitely broken. As I said, it's something I've noticed since F1 2016. I have tried all types of setups on both wheel and controller on all the games since and the same thing happens. Not too sure what you mean by I don't understand the program...what is there not to understand. And once more...the f-in needle goes down when racing down the straights, something's wrong there. That's not a setup issue
  10. DerpTheThird

    Possible Baku Tyre Practice Program Issue

    The...needle...goes...DOWN...on...the...straights... Setup issue my arse
  11. DerpTheThird

    Classic cars TC audio glitch from 2018 is back

    Back or they just never fixed it aha, Codies don't care about minor sound glitches
  12. DerpTheThird

    Can’t look back when MFD is open

    the A button should be the default button for looking back with MFD open, check if you have the 'Also use look around' option on in the Generic Settings tab
  13. DerpTheThird

    F1 2019 Setup Guide

    It's a spec car based on the FIA regulations Ross Brawn and Co helped Codies model it
  14. I have just completed the Baku GP in my career and during the practice sessions, I noticed that the Tyre practice program is still broken I say still because this has been an issue since F1 2016! The issue I'm talking about is that the needle in the colour bar during the program goes down when you're going down the back straight and main straight. Baku isn't a tyre hungry circuit so why the hell is this program so hard to do regardless of the issue, you have to be soooo smooth on throttle application and it means I mostly can't keep up with the time objective. I spent an hour on 1 program (on 100 difficulty) Ridiculous There was a different issue with the Baku 'Top Speed' team objective but that has been fixed. Would be nice if the tyre one could be fixed or balanced in some way. Let me know if you've noticed the same issue :)