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  1. Why and what exactly did Codemasters change the braking model??? Any concrete reasons I've not heard of? Its feels god damn awful to me now, I ABSOLUTELY loved the launch version 😢 Back to low break bias settings which is ironically less realistic, we often see drivers in the high 50's not low 🙄 Another ****** pointless change I'm never usually one to moan about changes to games I play but this has genuinely annoyed me and now enjoy the game less 🤦‍♂️
  2. This game was made by Codemasters employees mainly at home during the pandemic without all their equipment...how about we all just give them some damn time to work on patches and not moan we haven't had a performance patch or whatever else 🙄 Be respectful of their hard work despite the games issues, all games have issues so calm down
  3. DerpTheThird

    Pain 🙃

    Useless thread but I'd like to just share that I recently finished a bonkers race around France. The ai are insane, divebombs left and right because my MT car had a power issues so I was defending like hell So... after 2 safey cars, Mazespin, my team mate Aitkin and Russel got points! I check the Race Director to see wth went down behind me. So I then checked the replay...AND LIGHTS OUT AND AWAY the game crashes and I lose my save 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  4. Nothing is ever mentioned about what has specifically changed. It's simply "updated tyre model" and bam, you just have to adapt to the changes I've no idea how they make big changes like that but from what I can tell the tyres have a much more detailed grip feeling and less low speed grip (annoyingly) Setup wise, higher downforce is now more common and different pressures pay a bigger role in how the car feels
  5. You may want to look into the wheels settings. Could be the default low rotation Go here https://support.logi.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360024361233 and download "G HUB" and "Gaming Software" look at both and find the rotation settings Hope it works for you
  6. Are you on console or pc???
  7. Wait so are lapped cars are promoted to unlap now? Or was it those green SC lights
  8. It's your opponents racing line 🙂
  9. The faster/harsher PU degradation is a nice change! Makes the durability upgrades actually worth it for once (they never have been) Stock MyTeam car is utter 💩 aha
  10. MAZE🅱️IN 😂😂😂
  11. For me, yes. I build a setup for each track until I'm fully confident in it and can definitely feel the small differences in changes to the diff. Try racing around Baku with 100% diff and then 50. You'll feel it there for sure.
  12. Ah there we go. I initially added Monza to my Diff On list but changed my mind You're correct in saying Monzas deffo a more diff closed track. Monza is sort of a 50/50 diff On or Off track, you've got the 2 chicanes but also Ascari and Parabolica If you think about it, more Diff On will give you more acceleration more quickly, which you don't want in a TZ, you'd want it to be less while tracks with less TZs are better suited to faster acceleration
  13. Races, if you lower the tyre pressures a little more
  14. For 'On Throttle' 50%/open diff will give you more gradule traction in traction zones and traction dependent tracks like Bahrain, Baku, Singapore etc. 100%/closed diff is pretty much instant traction pickup and is best used for speedy tracks with very few traction zones like Silverstone, Suzuka, Zandvoort For me, I'll only use up to 85% diff on. 90+ is too much and too aggressive on the tyres. Differential actually has more helpful potential than you may realise! Especially in the rain For 'off throttle' ,basically high diff = stable rear and low diff = wobbly rear. I ten
  15. Bye bye COTA! Trash circuit
  16. I worked on a setup for 2 hours around Spain and it's great for other tracks too: 7-9 wings. 80-60 diff. 1-5 springs. 1-2 roll bars. 5-6 ride height. 5 clicks right on the front and rear camber and rear toe. 5 clicks left on the front toe. 98 brake pressure, 57 bias. Middle-ish front right tyre pressure low front right and high rear tyre pressures My "setup philosophy" as I'd call it is based around good rotation and a very stable rear given they nerfed the aero. Increase the front wing if you get understeer. For traction dependent tracks use a lower diff (high diff for tracks with f
  17. I worked on a super duper setup for 2 hours around Spain and it's a "golden setup" for most of the the other tracks! 7-9 wings. 85 diff On, 65 diff off. 5 clicks right on front and rear camber, full left front toe, 5 clicks right rear toe (for super stable rear end) 1-5 springs, 1-2 roll bar, 5-6 ride height. 98% break pressure, 57 BB and middle-ish FR tyre pressure, full left FL. And very high rear pressures I tried it out on all cars and it felt so good
  18. I'm not one to stick to the old game if I don't like the new. I grew acustom to 2020s handling, being able to feel the finite limit across the curbs and corners - just need to play 21 loads
  19. France is the YEET track lmao
  20. It's the exact same. Only difference is access to deeper game features and extra assists...that's probably your issue, the assists
  21. I've grown to love it now that I've fully figured out the setups! Some curbs are still lethal but it's just a case of learning to avoid them
  22. I've had lots more play time on 2021 now, you just need to play around with the set up, it's way different to 2020 I've found!
  23. No surprise. Lack of consistency from Codies aha, it's something that needs to be explained IMO, like why should us players have to deal with 2 different types of AI 🤷‍♂️ They should be the same The GP AI all have rocket engines, maybe the Rocket League colab had anything to do with that. I haven't played MT yet so can't speak for what they're like
  24. I'll probably put some time in and study the tracks if we're going to have to adapt to curbs like this - see what lines drivers take
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