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  1. Hi! My wishlist for F1 2014:More simulationBetter and realistic physics - like LFS or rFactor Better and realistic damage model Formation lap, installation lap, cool down lapManually pit stopsNew hud and display Mechanical failure The difference between wet and dry conditions The AI ​​is a little more aggressive REALISTIC WHEEL-WHEEL CONTACT !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fa0iCmt0kV0 !!More active team radio Live the life - like F1 2010 In the safety car phase, the game not limit the speedPS Sorry for my bad english, but I'm from Hungary
  2. Hi! My wishlist:Realistic physics - like RBRBetter damage modelMore rally groups for example: WRC, S2000, S1600, GrN, GrA, Kit-Car.....etcReal stages and tracksThe game itself is oriented rally But also contain rallycrossWhen you have finished the stage, then you go to the write point - like RBR!!!! Launch control for WRC carsIf you fall off the road, do not put the game back ( game over or restart )Realistic soundsRealistic fan sounds, air horn Possibly tyre puncture Service parkRealistic start ( not green flag ) PS : Sorry for my bad English, but I'm from Hungary!!:) Thanks in advance!!!! :)
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