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  1. In 5.1 the wind effect is WAY too loud. When you look back it shuts off. This did not happen pre-patch.
  2. 360 for open wheel and 420 for everything else. On Fanatec wheels 420 always seems to be best for codemasters titles from Dirt 1 to Grid AS. 
  3. I think this is the perfect balance and for me it is just a blast with a good wheel. Need more options like FOV as well as some additional wheel settings and a few more tracks for me to feel this game is the best in the series. Grid 2 however was awful IMO.
  4. Have not touched Gt6 since release. I am playing the pc version on my home theater with a sim rig and Fanatec Gt2 wheel. I concur that this is the best mix of arcade and sim period.
  5. I have been unable to enjoy a serious racing game without a wheel since I got my Fanatec. It is far more fun. Just dont make the mistake of using a wheel in front of a small monitor if you have a single big screen in your home with an HDMI in. Playing at 1080p 60 frames per second on a 55 inch from about 4 feet is like a roller coaster sometimes. You can't get that feeling without a wheel.
  6. As a wheel user I learn starting with everything off as I think you hide feeling from being transmitted to the wheel with aids on. For instance, the wheel will never go light from locked brakes with ABS on so you miss out on that effect in a way.
  7. I have to say that using the effectsetup.xml from Grid 2 as someone else in the thread stated greatly improved the road feeling. There was a gravely feeling in the vibration effects. Now it feels more rubber to the road in my wheel at least. Fanatec Gt2. If anyone needs the file pm me your email addy.
  8. You only need to disable smoke shadows to fix this at the moment. I have not had a single freeze since doing so. All other settings are maxed out with no issue and I have raced for many hours offline.
  9. Almost all CM racing games dating back to Dirt 1 have the same folder layouts each containing a folder called forcefeedback. You can use the effectsetup.xml file from any of these games and place it in the Grid Autosport forcefeedback folder to get a few different force feed back types. I for one think there is something a bit off with the feed back as if feels too "gritty" when vibration is used. So far I am using the file from Dirt 2 and I seem to like it the best as the loss of grip feeling when the front end has little or no grip seems very defined and the "gritty" vibration effect is elim
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