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  1. US PS3_ Where is Sprint PAck??? Not in store that is for sure. I read last week CM said we will all have it last Tuesday, but that is not that case. So what is up?
  2. MLT24

    Any real news?

    I come on here everyday hoping against hope that we get the patch and I can play this game again. Well I been doing this for well over a month now. that is like 40-50 some days. Imagine how one feels, lol. So any real news from CM when to expect the patch or what is even going on? I have read thru all the new post and have not seen anything in days or weeks really. I am working on a refund with Gamestop, I wish a patch that actually fixes the game will come out first. But either way, I get a fixed game or I get a full refund.
  3. From a forum about Minecraft not getting cleared for PS4.  Zepid , August 22, 2014 10:08 AMThis is not really news. I use to work on the build team at EA and later at MS Certification for builds and technical requirement certifications, not many games pass certification the first go through - which is a shame because it is so expensive to submit. And each fail requires a new submission, which costs the same as the initial submission, and adds at minimum 4 weeks delay. It can end up costing the company millions of dollars between advertising having to be pushed back, keeping staff on for a month longer, working overtime, and resubmission. Very very very few publishers/developers ever reach platinum status company wide and even fewer have an average submission rating of 1 (as in 1 time to submit, first pass). EA is one of the only publishers who has such status, even from my time at Microsoft. Most companies don't think QA is important and outsource it to 3rd parties towards the end of development. QA with companies like EA is integrated from pre-milestone (in concept phase) with a fully staffed team. Until game developers start seeing the value in QA we'll continue seeing a decline in game quality (it is insanely bad right now if you have been gaming for more than 15 years and can remember a time when games just worked).  Just think, I said EA has one of the highest submission ratings in the industry, and they were responsible for blunders like Battlefield 4 and Army of Two: 40th Day! Gamers need to demand more, and it would be great if first party (Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo) would penalize companies that regularly fail submission compliance tests. I'd go so far as to say that both the company submission rating and the game submission rating should be printed on each game box so gamers can know, "Hey this company on average fails submission 3 times before success, but this game failed submission 6 times, I should probably not trust my money with this company." In every other industry we do this, you certainly wouldn't buy a car that had the "lowest safety ratings in the industry" or "highest fatalities in its class" or "from the company that brought you EXPLODING TIRES." The auto industry has to publish their reporting for transparency, so should the gaming industry.
  4. All you need to do is copy this,  "GET THE DARN PS3 PATCH OUT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!" and say how long your game has been broken! "Mine has been broken for 5 weeks". Repeat and keep on posting it. 
  5. That is what I was looking for after the update, because I haven't played the game since my Corrupted File over a month ago. I remember them saying it replaced the Party Mode, but it was still the Party Mod. Came back, looked at CM Blog, yep says two weeks and that started on the 19th. So this time I go as far as loading up the Party Mode race and I see advertisement for Intel on the track, lmao. I was like, this is what they call the Intel Challenge?? Why not label it the Intel Challenge where it says Party Mode??? This is suppose to be a special event and you don't even label the event???  Dumbest thing I have ever seen!
  6. I figured if I started over on career that would be one thing, but why is this corrupt issue effecting my online stats? All online money is gone and cars are gone, I would think these files would be stored on their servers not my harddrive? I go to CM online page for RaceNet and it still shows all my online stats still there. SO why when I go to race RaceNet events in game, I am back to nothing? So I copied my latest PS-plus cloud stored file and it too was corrupt. So I should not allow my new fresh game file upload 2nite, and back up my online file to another drive? I hear people say they are OK to wait for patch to their older corrupt file,   and starting from scratch until then. But anything they do until then will not count? Or am I missing something? This sucks! Seeing all that hard work just go poof and having to wait, geez. And just realized RaceNet events just turned over, am I going to get my $$ for this past weeks events? I worked hard on those. 
  7. Today I get the file corrupt notice, nice, then I get slapped in the face with advertisement from CM to sell me more cars with DLC? IS it just me or isn't that like a used car salesman trying to sell me a car that won't start and he swears it will?  NO offense intended to any used cars salesman's out there. I have never felt ripped off before my CM, this is a first.
  8. I buy that specfic car in RaceNet challenges under Party Mode, the one last on the right, but then it is time to race my bought car is not there to be used? Why does it let me buy the same car for that race, challenge, but not let me use it? Under the loaners it has the same options to fix, tune, upgrade your car but you can't cause you don't own it. You buy to own it, but doesn't let you use it?  What am I missing here? I have not problems in all the other race types.
  9. So is there any reason to race offline other than to complete it? Most games offline career helps with your online in some way of buying cars, etc, but in this game i can't see a reason to race career since it doesn't seem to help my online? I race the RacNet events with my bought cars to try and build them up and race them online multiplayer, but I have not see any way in career to build these cars up? So please someone tell me how this game works as for progression between career and online. Thanks
  10. They were able to get the Road & Track Car Pack to work yesterday, but still no Sprint Pack??????? What is up with this game?
  11. MLT24

    US PS3_ Where is Sprint PAck???

    Not Funny! Saw the new Road & Track Car Pack in the store but still no Sprint Pack. WTF?
  12. MLT24

    Sprint Pack

    IT says these are added to Offline mode for extra challenges, but does this add anything to online? It so what, where.?
  13. MLT24

    Sprint Pack

  14. MLT24

    Where is the Intel Challenge?

    On the Racenet Challenge webpage, it labels it correctly as Intel Challenge. Why not do that in the game as well????
  15. MLT24

    Patch 36mb.... ready for download U.S. ps3

    I had my corrupted file loaded into the game before I applied the patch, and it seems to have worked. I even got my $$ for the last RaceNet challenges I completed like a month ago.
  16. MLT24

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    Unfortunately our Plus online backups get overwritten that next morning with the corrupt file. I just shut mine off when done playing. Overnight the game uploads the - now - corrupt file onto plus. Next time I load game, I get corrupt file notice. And my online backup is corrupt too. Screwed.
  17. MLT24

    Codemasters please sort out the penalties

    i agree, both situations you were on outside of a turn and not cutting a corner, IMO I don't think there ever should be a penalty for that. Rolling out of a turn into the grass should never be a faster line, never, so why penalize someone for it??? Makes no sense. But, I also noticed everyone who went into grass kept there same speed with no direct problems with the grass. Now that is wayyyy too arcade. Should have been a little slip or slide.
  18. MLT24

    Seriously , this game is broken!

    I have a respect for them, but with this bug and this situation , people will always think i am cheater, because game is broken.They will always kick me out from their sessions from now on, i am sure, because of something i have not done..I was so angry i needed to write this thread here to apologize to those people, if they are part of this forum and read it.. @  SRBIJAdeadyet   You'll be ok bud. People realize this game has big problems. On a different note, at one time Codemasters really did deserve that name. I played Dirt 2 last night and that game is coded to every single bump and pebble to the FFB. Just an amassing job. It is sad to see how far down they have sunk. That game was the game that really got me "hooked". That was the first game I played with a wheel, and it was MARVELOUS! I instantly started upgrading my pedals and wheels, and it was all b/c of such a well made game. Really sad. Same story here but I go back to pre-dirt games, back to Colin McRae Rally games, wayyy back. CM has always done a great job of FFB and handling, great with wheels. For me it wasn't until the Grid series that they started to put out a sub-par game. Now they seem to break easily and CM can't figure out how to fix it and don't know how to communicate with their loyal fans. Unfortunately they are starting to look more and more like other Devs out there who seem to take the consumer for granted. Which is sad, because CM games for me was always top notch games.  I wouldn't care about the delay so much if they would just tell us the truth, and stop acting like nothing is wrong by putting out DLC we have to buy, and contest we can't even play. It is just a HUGE INSULT to us, their loyal fans. Makes me wonder what is really going on over there. Is the company crashing, falling apart. Sure looks like it. 
  19. MLT24

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    Well I just sent GameStop a request for a refund for my broken game. Of course I explained in detail what the problem is and what CM has done about it, which is nothing. I did this through the Official Contact at the bottom of their website. Will post here when I get a response. I didn't want to just do it at my local store, I wanted to let GS know what is going on also. I say well all spam any and all outlets, including online magazines, on what is going on with this game and all other devs who continue to give us the shaft. That is what we can do about it, help take money from CM's fat wallet for their terrible service, and broken games and broken promises.
  20. "GET THE DARN PS3 PATCH OUT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!" Mine has been broken for 8 weeks
  21. lol, no, you post the Topic for yourself, ""GET THE DARN PS3 PATCH OUT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!" Then post the one with how long "you" been waiting. Ill post again like I was someone else.
  22. MLT24

    @justbiglee re: console patches

    I keep coming on here day after day after day!!!!! Played this game about 4 nights a week until I got my "corrupt file". That seems like a year ago!!! aahhhhhhhhhhh Get the darn patch out already!!!!!!!!
  23. MLT24

    The next CM racing game

    They did have that game, it was called Toca Race Driver 3. Then they broke it up into all the titles you see now. That one game was better than anything they have ever done since! It was the illlusive every gamers dream game. Back in 2006. And the online was better than most online racing games today. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TOCA_Race_Driver_3
  24. MLT24

    The Intel Challenge

    I just hope they patch the game before this ends. Can't play a broken game. So dang hard to believe CM just keeps coming up with new DLC when probably 80% of the players can't play the game??? WTC!
  25. MLT24

    QOTW: Which is the best DiRT game?

    Dirt 2, TRACKS!!!!!!!! MUDDDD!!!!!!!  For whatever reason they took the Mud out of Dirt3 that was in Dirt2. Tracks were more gnarly, interesting in Dirt2. Dirt3 got to wide open.