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  1. My guess is also that this has something to do with F1 2013...and it won't be solved...
  2. Sorry didn't see.I had same problems with Asrock X58 Extreme.I had NVIDIA GTX 450 and then changed to GIGABYTE GV-R785OC-2GD Radeon HD 7850. But problem persisted even with new graphic card. Then I changed PCI-e slot and problems where gone.... PS. I tried at least 20 different solutions with CM support and they didn't solve problem.
  3. Do you by any chance have GIGABYTE motherboard?
  4. Online player that got penalty/disqulification should get 10 minutes cool down timer, preventing him from entering next race!  If after 10 minutes he enters next race again and gets penalty/disqulification timer should increase to 15 minutes. And race after race to increase to 30 minutes and then reset. There are so many people "playing" online just to crash other players. So this would help in eliminating them from doing it race after race...
  5. 1. Dedicated online servers is MUST 2. Report "situation" to "race stewards". Let me clarify what I mean by example: Example a) Online race. Race starts and other driver collides with me. I would like to be able to report this crash to stewards. Example b) Online race. Driver is about to be lapped but he does not move. Maybe he accelerates and moves out of blue flag range. I would like to report this "problematic" situation to my race engineer or race stewards. My point is that I would get chance to activate "penalty engine" for specific situation in game. Much like drivers report other driv
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