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  1. It would probably be the 2nd option you mentioned, Rocket League, Modern Warfare have their own matchmaking system as well.
  2. Already at 50 signatures, keep signing everybody! 💪
  3. Do you play the F1 games and would you like cross platform compatibility to be implemented into the game, then please sign and share this petition. Let's stand together as one big F1 community and let's break the barriers between PS4, PC and XBOX! Sign here, every signature brings us one step closer! : http://chng.it/zR2HqgTx
  4. thombrouwer90

    RLH - F1 SEASON 5 2019 PS4/PC league, for europeans!

    Are there still spots available for the PS4 F1 league?
  5. thombrouwer90

    Multiplayer car #question

    The multiplayer car isn’t based on another car. It’s a totally different generic F1 car suited for this years regulations that codemasters made in collaboration with the FIA.
  6. thombrouwer90

    F1 2019 Dedicated Setup Site

    How about race setups?
  7. If you’re that passionate about the game to write a whole post about it, then you should just learn to drive without TC. Heck, you could’ve learned it in the same time that you spent typing this post.
  8. As the title says. Codemasters have missed the boat with this one. Why have 10 cars in time trial, while almost everyone is going to use the Mercedes to set their fastest laptime? Shouldn’t the multiplayer spec car be default for Time Trial as it has equal performance and it’s truly your own car.
  9. thombrouwer90

    Can you add Chinese?

    Can you add Chinese?
  10. thombrouwer90

    Is day one patch on June 25 or June 28?

    According to Lee Mather, the day one patch has already been released when the YT’ers and reviewers got the game. Another patch will come after launch, fixing bugs and team car performance.
  11. thombrouwer90

    F1 2019 on Xbox One x - WET WEATHER

    Wow that’s sick! I pre-ordered legends edition as well but it won’t come till the 25th. Jealousssss. Have fun💪💪
  12. thombrouwer90

    Pre Load

    For all games usually 2 days before release.
  13. thombrouwer90

    Career images

    Tomorrow 11pm UK time or something like that right? edit: turns out to be 9am BST, 10 am CEST.
  14. Found inside the Red Bull Racing F1 Esports drivers announcement post. 🤪 Looks nice.