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  1. Really enjoyed the new F2 kitcar Scotland weekly event that kicked off today, driving the VW Golf kitcar reminded me of the heyday of the British Rally Championship in the mid-to-late 1990s. Unfortunately the number of punctures I got was also realistic from what I can remember of the gravel rallies in the UK at the time!
  2. I did all mine on an Xbox controller, with automatic gears
  3. Ah yes I remember that one. One of the others was worth 6G to balance it out haha
  4. Finally!!! Even better, the bugged achievement popped for me so I’m back to 100% Any plans to add more achievements? That 1585 game score is so untidy!
  5. Oh yea, the car was utterly terrible in the hairpins, but I found it better elsewhere
  6. Done all the scenarios on Medium 71% and really enjoyed playing through them. Have now gone through and done 39/40 on Very Hard 91% and found they were a real challenge, but in the good sense. Did all of them except the Greece 1996 and 1998 ones with stock tuning, just removing the spare wheel where possible to save a bit of weight. Used GTR Technicals great tunes (from YouTube) to clear the Greece ones I was finding more hard. But that Scotland 2006 one in the Metro on 91%...... So far I'm just not fast or clean enough
  7. So, I bit the bullet and reset my save progress in the in-game options... McRae scenarios no longer crash, nor did using the latest dlc cars in the MyTeam daily events
  8. Which scenario worked? I’ve tried the Mini and 205 ones again this morning and both still freeze up and crash the game at the end after pressing continue?
  9. @UnderclassGDfan @CM_Ads I uninstalled and then re-installed all the individual dlc packets in my games and apps menu this afternoon I'm not prepared to delete anything from the save file, I've played this game almost every day since it launched a year ago My console is up to date and is powered down every day, and I've done a few extra hard resets this past week All of the MyTeam daily, weekly and AI events today using the new Legacy worked absolutely fine for once, but the Mcrae scenarios still freeze the game and cause it to crash to homescreen every time @FlatOverC
  10. Been a week since this update/dlc launched and still my game crashes every time on Xbox upon completing a stage/scenario and pressing continue. Any update on if this is being investigated or fixed or anything?
  11. I take it all back. The S4 MyTeam daily event crashed today, but the Scotland kit car one worked fine
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