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  1. I purchased the Super Deluxe edition from the Windows Store during the last Xmas sale and have now been able to install it onto a PC, only to find that the DLC content is not available to me at all. Is there any update on fixes to get the content that I have paid for? Or is it best to just apply for a refund from Microsoft? edit: refund is out as is past 14 days since purchase date. emailed codemasters support for help as well, but no reply yet
  2. bcampbellnz

    XBox One issues - please report here

    I was linked here from a TrueAchievements.com guide about xbox one DiRT Rally achievements not unlocking. I have had three achievements not unlock in the last week - posted my own thread about it, but haven't had any luck getting a reply at the moment. Achievements that haven't unlocked - Only Way Is Up, Born To Run and Business At The Front. Gamertag is redknightnz81
  3. Hi Codemasters, long time fan of your work. Unfortunately there has been a problem with unlocking some achievements on my xbox one DiRT Rally game. I should have unlocked the following: "The Only Way Is Up" from the recent daily events ending Monday night NZ time "Born To Run" for winning a Masters championship (I did it in Supercar class) "Business at the Front" for fully upgrading a FWD class vehicle (I did the Peugeot 306 Max F2 Kit Car). Have deleted the game and downloaded again, have deleted game save files and downloaded from the cloud. Obviously I'd rather not have to start all over again to get the achievements, so hopefully there is another solution out there. Any help is much appreciated.
  4. bcampbellnz


    Finally able to download this DLC today. Not sure when it was fixed as haven't played in a few days, but people above might be able to download it now too.
  5. bcampbellnz


    Sorry if I am meant to start my own thread, but I have this issue as well. The code redeemed fine, but it alternates between 0% and 1% four / five times and then says it can't download. Game was purchased from local EB Games store brand new. I have contacted XboxSupport via twitter, but in the end they said it was best to contact tech support of the developer (Codemasters) First tried downloading the DLC approx 12hrs ago and didn't work.Cleared system cache, rebooted console as suggested by @xboxsupport and tried again, didn't work.Moved profile to USB stick & tried downloading DLC onto that, didn't work.Tried numerous times to download again for another hour. Tried this morning (New Zealand time) to download again numerous times, and still not working.