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  1. im still waiting for actual proof that the patch has been sent to microscam and sony. what i have seen is multiple claims at different times that the patchcwas just sent, which usually means it was intended to happen but didnt, someone doesnt have all the info, or both. it has been over a month since my first corrupt gamesave, and still nothing. i have never played a game with such a major issue left unsolved for so long. too bad we cant get a full refund in america, all i can do is bring it back for half its value store credit, or $5 trade in value... what a waste of $50! 
  2. a patch cant be rushed? yet the release of the game must have been- most other developers would have taken the time to see what errors could occur, and fix them, BEFORE the official release to the public. which looks worse- "sorry, we have to delay the release a week or two due to errors seen in beta testing", or "sorry, you have to wait about a month and a half because we didnt fix an issue and the patch takes time"  either way you lose customers, but i assure you, you would be making more money if you solved the issue before releasing the game. 
  3. dunno how to use it as i amon a console, that PC patch was already released, and has been confirmed to fix the issue. do look online for how to download the pc patch, i dunno if its automatic or not, what i do know is that patch is out and people have already gotten their saves fixed on PC. xbox and playstation are the ones still waiting for codies to get the fix out
  4. and this game isnt? it has been out for quite a while now, still no fix to the corrupt gamesave issue, and no word on if microsoft is gunna let the patch through. any pride gained by making the game look great is lost by continuing to put out games with crippling errors. for those who havent experienced the issue, you are lucky and have every reason to love the game and disagree with everything i say. but those who have had one or mutliple gamesaves corrupted know what im talking about when i say shame on you codemasters, you are just selling us all another scam. oh and thanks for all the dlc,
  5. another gamesave corrupted- thanks for wasting my time and money. instead of ignoring us all- how about you "codemasters" tell us how far along this patch really is, so far i have yet to see evidence that you actually put the patch through to microscam. if you have already done it, why is your dlc out faster, and why can we not find any hard evidence that you have the patch done and through to microscam? oh and a better idea- properly test most or all aspects of the game before releasing it, such a crippling and major error in your code shouldnt have to wait until everybody has the issue, as t
  6. you would do well to better understand the console patch system. as clearly stated by loore, companies like sony and microscam require game makers to run through a million hoops, including stupid QA and shiznit, and then they are allowed to give us the patch. as also stated by loore, that patch is being submited. what does that mean? that means CM HAS DONE THEIR BLOODY WORK FOR US CONSOLE GUYS. if you want the patch to go through quicker, complain to the maker of your console, as any further delay is on their head, not codemasters. codemasters cannot change or bypass the system put in place, s
  7. as i stated earlier, this is to simulate real track conditions. i have been on track in a variety of vehicles, and rarely do i notice any of the gauges or dials on the dash, and yes, there have been vehicles that, due to seating position, im to focused on the track and vehicles around me to notice the wheel that is in my hands, or the shifter to my right (and on one occasion, left). its all a part of attempt to bring grid back to the realistic racing it was in the first grid
  8. not only that, some endurance classes have been able to run up to 5 hours on a set of tires, insane! still, the added strategy involved if we are forced to pit or run on blown out tires will make it harder for useless scrubs to come close to the more skilled drivers online.
  9. pit stops get my vote only for long endurance races, and with that, increased tire wear. at the moment, i can run an entire endurance event on one set of tires, however in real endurance racing, they tend to change tires at least once in a race. making an adjustment such that you need to pit will add yet another strategy to the game- pit strategy- which will further distinguish the skilled drivers from the crash and bash idiots
  10. not confirmed, in fact it WONT happen, i base that off the comments made by CM before the game was released. the foggy, low detail cockpits are to simulate the REAL effect that driving a race car has, which is that you focus on the track and cars around you, so they made the cockpits such that they look well out of focus, accurate, as when you are racing, you dont pay attention to your cockpit, you pay attention to the track around you. detailed cockpits are for forza- a game about cars. grid is a game about racing, and the fact of the matter is CM are trying to make this game as realistic as
  11. I'm doing that, also I've checked if my results count towards the clubs XP and they don't, extremely annoying. what console- this is not an issue on xbox 360, never had this problem and i have asked a few other guys i drive with, same deal. as far as pits, not practical, i have finished races with 40% tires left. i have also finished races with 0-5% tires left. it all depends on how you drive. for the record, the 40% one i finished second place, 20 feet behind first
  12. We are in the xbox community, so im hoping its in the next few days. :)  i hope its soon, i dont want my second save corrupted, especially now that i have an average finish of first :D however, the downside is i get banned from every fricking lobby for it :( oh well. racing is always better when you dont lose your progress every few days!
  13. what system do you run on, and how were they restored- patch, or did you send em to CM?
  14. loore said gamesaves can be restored once the patch is out, at least thats my understanding. read back a bit, the response he gave is a bit vague but i believe he is confirming that corrupted saves will be back to normal. dont take my word, i may be miss-interpreting what he said
  15. looking for more people to race with on xbox live- drift c1 and 2, modified, touring cat c and touring cat b is what i intend to run, if you have any interest racing with me, message me-gt alex98sc10- i look forward to alot of close racing with you guys!
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