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  1. m4cc13


    I fail to see why im supposed to log every issue I encounter, whilst running a league, while surely a succinct list, like the one ive provided should be more than useful enough, to at least get acknowledgement, that it will be looked into. ? It's just another case where the wrong people are being listened to, and I, the user of the game am ignored, because im not making videos on it.
  2. Another Level F1 are currently in its 4th season, preparing for our 5th and we always do our best to get things right for the drivers which can be explained in more detail on our forum. Season 5 officially begins in the new year, but you're welcome to try out in the remaining season 4 races before Christmas to get a feel for how things work, and if this league is for you you're welcome to register! We race on the XBOX. http://anotherlevelforum.proboards.com/ We run Full Qualifying sessions with 50% race distances, and the only assists we ban are braking assist and all pit assists. Our race days are Monday[Tier4], Tuesday[Tier 3] and Wednesday[Tiers 2 and 1] starting at 8pm GMT. all races are streamed live on Twitch, and archived on YouTube. Headset required, but not mandatory due to needing to hear instructions. Ability to understand English essential. All drivers will be subjected to a pace test before being placed in a tier so if you're looking for another league to join, then you're welcome to apply. Please respond here if you're interested, or visit the forum and message via XBOX gamertags in the information and we look forward to potentially racing with you !
  3. Recently, in LEAGUE RACES, I've experienced the following problems. -Tyre Wall, floating around the racing lane for certain drivers [sometimes an invisible wall] - Being held in the pit lane after a stop for no reason - Lobby instability and lag [possibly NOT developers fault] - Engine revving out in 4th but cars still shifting through gears - Someone hitting another driver from behind [on formation laps and removing the innocent driver] or being blamed for someone smashing into the back of another car at racing speed. * Safety Rating is pointless with the above. - In race, cars are shown as being on one tyre [ie the car has mediums fitted] but the race director and leader board shows the actual compound. [Spectator, Commentators/Streaming] - AI drivers are too stubborn, and will be dangerous ie side by side with a corner approaching, a human player will leave the space, but the AI don't. - Speeding in the pit lane, despite doing the required speed -Track limits - Take USA [Turns 5/6. In real life they can cut the whole thing and no warnings or anything, but we players have 2 tyres on track, we get a penalty, Turn 10, again in real life they can run all the way out, but we so much as touch the curb feels like instant penalty. Turn 19 . Similar as above. , Russia . Every corner is a possible invalidation, or 3 second time penalty but nothing for real drivers. *Germany Turn one. Without pinpoint precision [which is hard enough on a wheel, but pad users also race] its instant lap invalidation for doing nothing wrong. *Canada Turn 3. Taking the racing line often leads to penalties in a race. -Parc Ferme - In my league, we have to turn it off, because when we've turned it on, set up glitches are a problem, and it leaves drivers unable to fairly compete [EG 6-6 at Monaco]. - Multi player Cars. If and when you pit, you could be behind someone that is your team mate, but it doesn't let you know who that team mate is. A better system to use would be similar to Real life, but call them Team 1,Team 2 etc. This way, you would know who your team mate is, and what pit box you'd be using. It's hard to run a successful racing league, on a game that is classified as E-Sports ready with issues that really should be patched out up to three games ago that still exist, and all that's ever really worked on is career mode fixes.
  4. m4cc13

    What was your last purchase

    Pokemon Cards. Booster Packs , and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream , because, why not ?