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  1. Of course the XP counts... Why wouldn't it?  And no I am not deleting the account when I can keep pissing off people like yourself!
  2. @Naberios I agree with everything you said ^... I just rebought the game like an idiot just to get it done.
  3. What year are you referring too? your 2021 birthday? lol   It'll probably be here before most of die but all I'm hoping for at this point is before holloween.
  4. @saxerrts If your representative is a total ass and gives you the crock of shit trophy % excuse then either ask to speak to a supervisor or call back and get a new representitve... They cannot sell you a defective product and you are entitled to a refund... I am also in the US.
  5. That's not always the case because I was issued a FULL refund to my credit card by Sony... You have to make sure that the representative that you speak with puts in the report that you have troubleshot every possible fix to the game corrupting... Even though Sony knows there is a direct issue with the coding of the game, they still won't issue the refund unless they know that you have troubleshot. Examples of troubleshooting are... 1) Deleted and re-installed the game 2) Deleted your save data and started a fresh save 3) Restored your system files via safe mode 4) Rebuilt system data base via
  6. It's been requested from my side but at this time I think it'll be unlikely. @Loore Damn, that sucks because that was the only way I was going to go buy the game again. I also wanted to say that you did a great job re-doing this thread and the 1st post is a huge improvement from the old thread! As a moderator of another website I know first hand that you can't satisfy all users but I see that you're taking steps in the right direction with this thread.
  7. @loore Is there any chance of us console users getting a "Triple XP" week for the month of waiting that Codemasters has put us through?
  8. I'm happy to say that Sony just issued me a full refund on this... It's good to know that someone appreciates their customers!
  9. LMAO... They can't even figure out how to code the game right, what makes you think they'll know how to do that since everything is stored in your save.
  10.   LMAO... They can't even figure out how to code the game right, what makes you think they'll know how to do that since everything is stored in your save.
  11. Yes, it'll be working again once the patch is out :) Has Sony approved the patch yet or are you still waiting on them?
  12. Yes you need to back your save up on a regular basis but make sure that you use 2 USB sticks and keep them labeled or something because if you only use 1 then chances are your going to overwrite a good save with a bad save because you wont know if you save is corrupted until you start the game back up. Good thinking, batman . . .I'd saved them to another drive but like the idea of using a couple of usb sticks . . . ~O) Always keep atleast 3 to 5 backups matey. It can be in the same folder or on 2 different places that doesn't really matter. I have one folder with the latest backup
  13. Rather than all this speculation as to WHY our saves are getting corrupt, if CM knows why then an explanation as to why would be greatly appreciated. We've been informed on the PC patch and got somewhat of an ETA on the consoles patch but all in all we have pretty much been kept in the dark as to the source of the corruption.
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