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  1. seby1607

    Backwards compatibility.

    Well considering that the PlayStation 5 is coming out either this December or next year January, it's probably not the best that this idea would be considered just yet, because Xbox will probably launch another console soon, as competition. If you had a PlayStation 4 though, you could subscribe to PlayStation Now, where you can play F1 2011 - 2017 (I think) for €20/month. Also, Steam has a mega-sale where you can get all the games for around €50 (I think).
  2. seby1607

    We need replay angles & sounds like this!

    They do, but they keep it to the broadcasting, to give a realistic experience. I get your frustrations but watching the replays, both in real life and in the game, it would take a lot of effort and would confuse people. However, I think it's a nice idea of yours!
  3. I remember old games, and I wanted to see what you miss the most from them.
  4. seby1607

    Hello everyone!

    Hi everyone! My name is Sebastian, but you can call me Seb, Sebi, Sebas, or whatever you feel like! I am a huge Formula 1 fan, and have bought games ever since F1 '05. I am half German, half Spanish but born and raised in Brussels, Belgium. I love the games of Codies and hope to help with them having ideas and creating more and more games, as I see a lot of potential in them. Where are you from? Hope you have a nice day. Kind regards, Sebastian.
  5. seby1607

    We need replay angles & sounds like this!

    This would look amazing, but unfortunately, I think that many people expect it to be just like the real Formula 1 TV Angles. Just like they aren't on the LIVE broadcast, I don't think they should be added on them either, however, it would be cool.