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    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    My F1 2014 Wishlist:Have 2 types of young driver test: 1 for the new players were everything gets explained and another one for the players that have already played a previous F1 game that features more in depth achievements like and unlock more teams for career mode depending on your performance during these tests.A career mode menu similar to 2010 and 2011 with interviews and actually being on the paddock. The main menu can stay as it is, just change the career mode menu, so that you feel more like a driver.Much more in-depth R&D system especially as an N°1 Driver, with different R&D paths like down-force and engine and so on.Pit-boards and more interaction with Race EngineerManual Pit-stopsChoice between setups: 1: the way it has been in the previous games with values from 1 to 11. 2: A more detailed way of setting up the car for the more experienced players.Telemetry during testing to optimize setupCustom helmet designPodiumsA driver's salary to do something withMore realistic damageFast pit-stops during Qualifying and practicePossibility to turn on Lap onto the grid, formation lap and celebration lap to park ferméMechanical Failures (slider for likely-hood of a failure or to turn it off)