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  1. Artiotwogia

    F1 2020 my team too good at start

    I agree. I think you should have the option of starting as one of the best teams or a backmarker, or a midfielder. That would open up lots of ways for people to play, as cool as a Road to Glory is.
  2. Artiotwogia

    F2 2020 drivers not in MyTeam?

    See, I'd love this update. It would be awesome to get some new guys into F1.
  3. Artiotwogia

    Version 1.16 Update Discussion

    A few of the scenarios are still broken. Completely. I run them on "Very Hard" difficulty, and despite being a regular top 100 driver on dailies, the 1998 Monte Carlo event and the 1989 New Zealand event are completely untouchable to win. I'm 27 seconds off the Spanish rival in the 1998 Monte Carlo scenario and the Cosworth 1989 New Zealand event, I can easily gap the 1 minute required in the first stage but then obliterated in the second stage. Any chance of getting this looked into? This is on the current release build.
  4. 1. Schumacher Edition 2. Digital via Xbox store 3. 2/7/2020 4. No coins Gamertag: LMP Dragon