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  1. So, I decided to start a driver career in F2 driving for Campos. Doing full quali and 25% feautre and sprint races, the grid for the feauture race appears to be random and has nothing to do with the quali. Qualified on Pole, I started in P9 or P13. Also for the sprint race, the top 8 don't get reversed, but I also get a new, completely random starting grid. See screenshots attached below. Report Code: JVEH-SPVD-VVDE-BGVG Platform: PC (Steam) Game-mode: Driver Career (F2) What troubleshooting have you tried? Tried simulating quali til the end, retiring from quali and j
  2. Seen a lot of people complaining about Dirt Rally 2.0 as it seems to be "unplayable" on a controller, but tbh that's not really the way it's meant to be played, hope you enjoy it!
  3. Not sure yet 😄 Maybe a historic team like Lotus or Brawn, maybe liverywise Carlin, as I really like the dark blue with the lime green, maybe an Indycar Team... So many possibilities 😄
  4. 1. Assetto Corsa - PC - 746hrs Definetly the game I spent most hours driving in, the endless possibilties in terms of modding definetly make sure that it never gets old or boring. Definetly aiming for the 1000hr mark here 😉 2. Dirt Rally 2.0 - PC - 124hrs Just love rallying at all, and the challenge and the absolute satisfaction when it comes to nailing a stage is just awesome! 3. F1 2018 - PC - 148hrs Definetly the game I enjoy the most of the F1 games, as it's the last game that offers access to the localisation files and therefore modding, which makes sure that it n
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