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  1. According to this article on Racedpeartment, Codemasters won't include any possible replacement tracks in the 2020 game. https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/f1-2020-any-additional-replacement-tracks-wont-be-included-in-new-game.186305/ So I was really wondering why that is the case? If we just forget possible licensing issues for a moment, technically that should be more than doable? The tracks that is currently talked the most about are Mugello, Hockenheim, Algarve and Imola. Hockenheim should be quite easy to take from F1 2019. Algarve and Imola are both included in PC
  2. Seen a lot of people complaining about Dirt Rally 2.0 as it seems to be "unplayable" on a controller, but tbh that's not really the way it's meant to be played, hope you enjoy it!
  3. Not sure yet 😄 Maybe a historic team like Lotus or Brawn, maybe liverywise Carlin, as I really like the dark blue with the lime green, maybe an Indycar Team... So many possibilities 😄
  4. 1. Assetto Corsa - PC - 746hrs Definetly the game I spent most hours driving in, the endless possibilties in terms of modding definetly make sure that it never gets old or boring. Definetly aiming for the 1000hr mark here 😉 2. Dirt Rally 2.0 - PC - 124hrs Just love rallying at all, and the challenge and the absolute satisfaction when it comes to nailing a stage is just awesome! 3. F1 2018 - PC - 148hrs Definetly the game I enjoy the most of the F1 games, as it's the last game that offers access to the localisation files and therefore modding, which makes sure that it n
  5. Tbh apart from the usual bug fixing and finally producing a working game, I'd actually love to see F3 in game. Once it's an official F1 supporter series now and MotoGP includes Moto2 and Moto3 for ages now, I think it's just a matter of time until Codies include F3 in the game. Although, I would love to see it more than ever already in 2020 with two friends of mine on the grid!
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