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  1. danort17

    Are you going to buy F1 2018?

    Oh wow I'm stupid. Still living in the past haha
  2. danort17

    Are you going to buy F1 2018?

    Just preordered it. 30 bucks on cdkeys dot com. Think that's a fair price for an uncomplete game when it gets released.
  3. danort17


    tbh the data for F2 was already in F1 2018. If you look closely into the game files, there are already all the .lng files for the 2018 F2 season. And undoubtful also other stuff. There are actually complete interview texts and conversations aka "Your rival from F2 also moved to F1 what will you do".
  4. danort17

    More classic cars in F1 2019

    As we now habe got the MP4-25 and the F10, it's great to see the top 3 cars from one year. As these are only the preorder cars, I'm, sure we will get some more and hope, the current ones will stay. Would love to see that MP4/20 from 2005. But as we got the 70s with F1 2018, I guess we might get even more historic with the 60s in 2019.
  5. danort17

    F1 2019 Split screen

    No chance, but imo also not neccessary. Most people playing F1 by now do it proferssionally, and also in earlier games the splitscreen was never good. Also with the halo seeing something in splitscreen would be nearly impossible. Rather focus on getting a decent singleplayer game done.