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  1. danort17

    F1 2020 game release date

    That means that it's finally decided which feautures will be in the game and how the game will come out, but not that the game itself is ready. Imagine you want to build a Lego model. Codies already have the instructions and the parts, but that doesn't mean they have a finished model.
  2. Tbh apart from the usual bug fixing and finally producing a working game, I'd actually love to see F3 in game. Once it's an official F1 supporter series now and MotoGP includes Moto2 and Moto3 for ages now, I think it's just a matter of time until Codies include F3 in the game. Although, I would love to see it more than ever already in 2020 with two friends of mine on the grid!
  3. danort17

    What is that Codemasters?

    At least you got a Safety Car...
  4. danort17

    F1 2018 Modding

    Livery changer? Pretty unusual... where did you get it from? Rather install liverys yourself using Egos ERP archiever. And no, you won't get banned, you just won't be able to play online. So for quick changing, always have a clean installation on your drive.
  5. danort17

    McLaren Pit Crew Uniform Colors

    Thats right, as these are the colours of McLaren Shadow, their Esports program. Feelbfree to change them in ERP archiever...
  6. As F2 just confirmed the replacements for Hubert and Correa, it might be the case that they will be ingame instead, although Codies usually denies in season updates. But I agree, at least a little information aboutbthe delays would be great and just fair to the community. Everybody understands that there may be delays because of the events that happend, but not saying anything is just bullsht.
  7. danort17

    F1 Esports 0 Points

    Hey guys! Just played the Esports Event and get a score of 0 everywhere at the end, with nothing being registered. I have a fresh installation of the game, so it can't have anything to do with cheating or modding. I just fear to loose my reward (the helmet this time?) for participation... @Faya
  8. danort17

    F1 2019 - Microtransactions...

    As the Steam site is already on I checked the prices on them... it's like 1,50 bucks per helmet. And tbh, the designs look great. And these are the only designs looking any good, especially the suit designs. Putting weak stuff in the main game and good stuff by microtransactions is a very poor way to do it. I know that most of the common games do it like that, but I always thought Codemasters were better than this. Sad to see them proving me wrong 😕
  9. danort17

    F1 2019 - Microtransactions...

    Completely agree here... was pretty shocked and extremely disappointed when I saw that they included microtransactions. Sure it's only cosmetics, but paying 60 bucks for a game and then being told to pay money to get all the content... I was always very pleased to play F1 because it was simply complete in terms of content. I got F1 2019 because I preordered it, but if they keep including or even expanding microtransactions in the future, that was definetly the last time. Sad seeing Codies destroying their image with that ****. The F1 series was always better than other games, better than FIFA, better than other racing games, simply because it had no microtransactions. You got what you paid for. Seeing them going down on that level is kinda sad, but if you need that money so badly, take it, but not with me. @Faya (I know you are not responsible for it, but I tagged you as you may be able to forward this opinions to the desicion-makers)
  10. danort17

    2019 TRAILER body shape is all the same

    How often are people still going to complain about it... It has been clarified that we will have the real models for the release and the FOM car is only used for early marketing material, so whats your point?
  11. danort17

    F2 in Career Mode

    Ahh man so shocked when I read that.. I mean it's just another "hey, let's add that - but not really" move. At least give us the opportunity then to do single races and championship modes with our own driver... The MotoGP games have that feauture like forever and it's one of the best things there. Just having a single race with my own driver is something I dream of for years. And don't get me wrong, I'm very happy to have F2 in the game, but can it be so hard, to do integrate it properly in the career mode? Just look at MotoGP 16 (Valentino Rossi The Game). They even made it to include yourself as a driver of his academy and althought it has a story, you are still able to choose your carrer path on your own. Seems like we have to wait for 2020 then... another move just to make people buy the next game by integrating it properly then? Sorry Codies, I know F1 2019 will be great, but this is just a poor move tbh.
  12. danort17

    F1 Legends Edition not avaivable

    Just got annouced after I ordered my anniverasy edition xD Thankfully they have it now, 43% off
  13. danort17

    F1 Legends Edition not avaivable

    Oh wow, they've just published it today. Okay, forget about it then 😄
  14. Been here for like 5 years and always had an avatar, but needed to make a new account when Codies updated their forum so I basically look like a rookie here and had no time yet to set an avatar xD
  15. Alright, PC here and just got my confirmation!