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  1. Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix 4 is easily the best! In it's day it blew all racing sims into the reeds for years. The Physics are still pretty good with current mods, and they just understand F1 and what kind of sport it is. The current offerings are sub par compared to non F1 sims. Which by definition makes them sub standard even if they are the only F1 games currently around.
  2. I would really love to see more work done on the wet whether areas of the game. Eg, when rain begins to fall when running on slicks before the surface is covered in dampness tires actually create a vague wet line, and on the flip side, when rain stops and changing back to dry surface, wet and inter tires create a dry(er) line which is visible and before the offline water dissipates can give an advantage to the brave (or hopeful) driver the chance to opt for slicks giving an advantage where it is dry, but punishing that driver if he gets off line or a patch part way round the circuit is still n
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