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    Around the Globe trophy

    Does anyone know codemasters have said anything about this or are the lazy scum ignoring us. The person who came up with this achievement should be sacked
  2. Is there a season pass coming out on xbox 360 I have checked online but only can find season passes for the ps3 and pc version it is no available on xbox live
  3. Goggs25

    DLC Problems

    Got the same problem but with the sprint pack dlc I purached both touring and sprint dlc at the same time the touring downloaded but the sprint won't.. I then contacted microsoft the give me a refund and told me to try again in a cpuple of days, but the licence for the dlc is still on my account so I can't re-purchase the dlc 2 days and 3 customer support agents later I was told to contact Codemasters and have them remove the licence I have sent them a support email and I will phone them later today I'll post any info they tell me here
  4. Goggs25

    Just bought the season pass

    will the season pass be available on xbox live also any cars that come with the dlc will you beable to use in career unlike the the shitty merc that come with the limited edtion version so limited you can't use the car in career or online
  5. Goggs25

    Where is K&N Motorsport?

    I'm on my 30th season and I have not been offered to drive for K&N this is bloody stupid can someone who work for codemasters tells us how to unlock this stupid bloody team