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  1. Woohoo nice :P  Dealing with them is hard yep, but i though actually there weakness is street  and maybe open wheel atm, you can be 1 or 2 sec fster than them (in dubai i have some very strange feedback, i was 4 seconds faster than all the cars in very hard i think that's not normal o_O )
  2. Elpate06

    BOX Racing League Qualifiers

    Svenos just destroy us :(
  3. Hey, i think this section will be perfect for that : http://monster-racers.forumprod.com/recruitment-f4.html A thread with more description for what we need will come soon (hopefully :D) good luck  :D
  4. Elpate06

    Aplogies to @SVENOS and replay.

    TRP vs MON on track, sound interesting  >:)
  5. So much cups in 360 and no one in ps3, can't understand..
  6. Elpate06

    Is Sony network down right now? Im in US

    psn is still out for me..
  7. Elpate06

    Question about Career Mode

    That's sounds boring lol 
  8. Hello guys, I still don't get the way to progress in career mode. I have already lvl 10 in every disciplines and won all the championships (without playing RW) but i still don't have better team propositions, always with razer or liqui moly with low or no tuning possibility (so no chance to fight correctly with best team, and don't talk about ravenwest don't really want to play with them ::disagree: ) So my question is simple, how does it works? is it random or i must won again all championships in all disciplines with Ravenwest only this time ? I'm sorry if this question has been already replied don't really search it..
  9. Elpate06

    The Intel Challenge

     Really? nice -_-
  10. My god calm down It's just a game why all of you are so strained here ? Btw the team was created for play with friend every nights and the forum for organizate more easily those nights. We are 60+ members damn it... some members does boosting, or others plays lobbies with 50 laps but finally NOBODY CARES the differencies If you don't like this mentality nice for you, but stop judging abut nothing..
  11. Elpate06

    Precision Racing League Grid Autosport League and Club!

    Registrations are open http://www.precisionracingleague.com/ocp/forum/index.php?page=topicview&id=international%2F-gapsc-grid-autosport%2Fseason-1-sign-up&post_id=106315&redirected=1#post_106315http:// Go go need some publicity  :p
  12. Elpate06

    monster racers recruiting. (1st in leader boards) ps3

    a forum is now open i make my own i know, no visits yet but can be a base for the future of this club :D  http://monster-racers.forumprod.com
  13. Elpate06

    monster racers recruiting. (1st in leader boards) ps3

    Only if u lose against me :)
  14. Elpate06

    About leagues in GRID Autosport

    Hey guys I'm a long time grid driver but i didn't care about community until now, and i would like to know if there will be some online cups or championships, and where can i find them (like ESL leagues or others ^^) Yep i know it's too early for that after only 2 weeks of launch but still wanna now :)
  15. Elpate06

    [World] Hawk Engineer [PS3] [ON]

    Hi stranger nice to meet you, What is Hawk Engineer ? This ambitious team is looking for active and serious players, our objectives are to grow up and take part on competitions. If you dream about glory, your road starts here. Join us https://racenet.codemasters.com/grid-autosport/club/3429/hawk-engineer and let your print on the track! Don't follow, lead. That's how it works here! Sportively, Team Admin elpate06