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  1. So whats everyones thoughts on the 7740? Looks impressive I'll deff be getting one
  2. Yeah looks good on paper but who knows should be very interesting 
  3. Okay so researched the 7740k a little bit and so might wait until its out and see what Mobos come out not in any hurry anyway
  4. As for the CPU: It really sounds like an i7-7700K would be the best choice for you then. Ryzen CPUs are good if you either get workstation loads regularly and/or when you go below a certain value budget-wise (<200 bucks). I think Ryzen would not be optimal for you, adn a 6850K would be even less so. Trust me when I tell you that a 7700K will perform better at your chosen task (gaming)  in 99.9% of the time, while costing you less. Which leaves you more cash to spend on a super--duper bling-bling mainboard, if you need all those little extra features. If you still feel like you nee
  5. Mostly gaming ive been tossing and turning on the iasue you raised with the 6850k stoll not sure where i stand i might wait for intels new cpus like you said never had Ryzen before nor hear much about them which is why im not hugely keen on them. with the psu its over kill to allow for any future changes and additions i dont mind paying the extra for it
  6. So just realised the part list I loaded yesterday had some outdated parts haha heres the new link and part list. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/user/R4pp3r/saved/CxYCJx CPU:   Intel - Core i7 68503.6GHz 6-rocessor CPU Cooler:   Corsair - H115i 104.7 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler (Changed to corsair due to multiple issues of computer not detecting the Krakens) Motherboard:  Asus - Rampage V Edition 10 EATX LGA2011-3 Motherboard  Memory:   Corsair - Vengeance LED 64GB (4 x 16GB) DDR4-3000 Memory  Storage:   Samsung - 960 EVO 1TB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive   Vid
  7. High pitch noise is most likely the wattage is too high per channel or total for the controller, seen that complaint a few times Having just revied the ml120s and ml140s power draw apparently the Nzxt lx lcd fan controller will do it (id looked for different fans and wattage was to high) whats peoples opinions on that one?
  8. Hahaha i wanted the Nzxt lx lcd but the controller cant handle the fans :/
  9. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/YcNzd6 ill probably edit this post tomorrow so the list will be in the post but link has the list in it
  10. If i post specs of my upcoming PC build could i get some feedback and recommendations??
  11. ive always had to race with V-sync on with my g27 otherwise it suddenly pulls left and gives me full 360 steering (try driving a f1 car with full steering quite funny sometimes hahaha)
  12. Honestly i think codies have put a bit more work into this game then people think the handling is far better, the cars are far from glued to the track, the A.I whilst still being pathetic at getting out of the way when needed and very slow on the first lap is improved in their racing ability, the graphics have been touched up and honestly im waiting to find a bug yet, this is the first f1 since probably 2010 that i actually enjoy sitting down and driving the cars is actually challenging and fun personally i think if they follow and build on this for 2015 then 2015 will be an absolutely epic ga
  13. how is a pc a hassle?  you plug it in and dont move it again least it doesnt try and update every 2 seconds and when it does it doesnt stop you from playing for hours lol
  14. deffinantly a pad problem the wheel gives you plenty of wheel spin specially in a marrusia (damn thing tries to kill you on literally every corner)
  15. the games not full price if yous took the time to actually look for the game, steam has the game for $50 and theyre normally one of the more expensive places
  16. i did a 50% race at russia and qualy went from inters to dry and they changed at the right time so havnt had tht problem
  17. I don't believe you. Why don't you post a video of you playing it on pc? cause with my internet it would take hours to upload the video 
  18. i can confirm that the game is available on steam considering im playing the thing haha im in australia so it could be up to what country youre in
  19. Oh jesus no not stupid puzzly games this isnt an arcade game for 4 year olds -.- we want some kind of simulation aspects here, they need to speed them up and make it a bit more random but good old codies and their love for people who complain a lot wont add random cause theyre worried some 7 year old will attempt a full race then get messed up in the last pit stop and have a cry like a little baby -.- anyway atleast 3 second pitstops would be nice and we still have the issue of pit releases the damn guy holds u even when u have plenty of time to get out, so annoying -.-
  20. it would be a short fix yes but youd have the ai trying to go 2 cars wide into every single corner and dive bombing you everywhere   and probably taking you out on the first lap, we'll just have to wait hopefully the next engine for 2015 will be far more advance and be able to solve this issue 
  21. maybe take a video and post it so we can see what u on about but honestly rarely have a problem with my car suddenly going off the track... however theyre changing the engine for the next game anyway from memory
  22. Personally i think inside sim racing are actually pretty useless with almost all their reviews they can never drive the games properly 90% of the time spent recovering the car like whats the point dude :L but thats me hahaha
  23. oh for gods sake would you all stop complaining for 2 minutes youre acting like thing game is life or death seriously after 2013 every little flaw in the game yous make sound 20 thousand times bigger then it actually is, simple if you dont want to jump 5-7 cars on the first corner and actually have a challenge then DONT OVER TAKE ANYONE! -__- I thought that one was pretty simple.
  24. ....my personal opinion if you have enough time to be concerned as to what your actual speed is then ur not going fast enough simple but thats me i use the gears to dictate the speeds for corners which i do by sound anyway so yeah dont see the need for knowing ur speed given the lack of flexibility in the 2014 game at the moment i think c/m did alright with the wheels but to answer your question theyve removed the speed reading yes. is it a game breaker? if ur a real fan then no not really.
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