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  1. I got bored with the game itself rather quick, right now Im ejoying Destiny
  2. Tha pack won't download, same messege as before" Cant download this item". I will not buy anymore for this game. This game has been a pain in the ass since day 1
  3. Im thinking the save corruption has to do with the autosave. I have a backup save for the 360 and any one little change I do to it it no matter what it is it goes corrupt. If I turn off TC it goes corrupt it dont maater what it is it happens
  4. I say the patch will be here on Wednesday, Im saying that cause its my birthday
  5. Im on a 360 and Im starting to think these corruption are caused by autosave and this is why. My backup save is like on the edge of corruption cause any 1 little change I do corruptes it. I have checked it a number ways and it always come back corrupted with little changes. The last time it was good to do and all I did was turn TC off and the file is corrupt. So Im thinking you might have a limit on auto saves
  6. Im on the 360 and it looks like upgrading the cars is corrupting the files. All I did was run the Lancia Delta challenge and went from Gold to Plat and when I was done went to my cars and to the Lancia. One thing I thought was strange was the car jumped from lvl 14 to level 20. I upgraded the car in 2 more spots now a total of 3. Iwent and cosed the game out like I should then went back to check it before I back it up and it was corrupted. Luckly I backup my save after each session so I dont get pissed off if it does happen. Backing up to a USB might take afew minutes cause you have to check y
  7. I decided to back my up daily, just to keep any progress I make
  8. If you cant use Porsche , use RUFF, if its availabble for furture dlc
  9. After dozens of tries to get this downloaded it finally went through
  10. The British Pack is the only one I cant download
  11. Sweet I can download it, but I still cant get the other car pack
  12. I changed my tag cause to many people knew me
  13. LOL dude PGR4 died.   It was new when the 360 was new.   It has the same 8 maybe 12 people playing it........................................................................Boring. Awesome game tho.  But its far too outdated, with its clumsy nonsensitive handling.     However it did have save replays, time attack, weather, bikes and cars.  Leaderboards, Proper online ranking system.   Global Tournaments, Daily tournaments,  Nordschleife.  Team Online ranked matches/playlist  Single player unlocked cars for use online.  Codemasters could re
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