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  1. I have won all championships and none of the achievements have unlocked. Has anyone else come across this problem, Im on the 360?
  2. I got bored with the game itself rather quick, right now Im ejoying Destiny
  3. Tha pack won't download, same messege as before" Cant download this item". I will not buy anymore for this game. This game has been a pain in the ass since day 1
  4. Im thinking the save corruption has to do with the autosave. I have a backup save for the 360 and any one little change I do to it it no matter what it is it goes corrupt. If I turn off TC it goes corrupt it dont maater what it is it happens
  5. I say the patch will be here on Wednesday, Im saying that cause its my birthday
  6. Im on a 360 and Im starting to think these corruption are caused by autosave and this is why. My backup save is like on the edge of corruption cause any 1 little change I do corruptes it. I have checked it a number ways and it always come back corrupted with little changes. The last time it was good to do and all I did was turn TC off and the file is corrupt. So Im thinking you might have a limit on auto saves
  7. Im on the 360 and it looks like upgrading the cars is corrupting the files. All I did was run the Lancia Delta challenge and went from Gold to Plat and when I was done went to my cars and to the Lancia. One thing I thought was strange was the car jumped from lvl 14 to level 20. I upgraded the car in 2 more spots now a total of 3. Iwent and cosed the game out like I should then went back to check it before I back it up and it was corrupted. Luckly I backup my save after each session so I dont get pissed off if it does happen. Backing up to a USB might take afew minutes cause you have to check y
  8. I decided to back my up daily, just to keep any progress I make
  9. If you cant use Porsche , use RUFF, if its availabble for furture dlc
  10. After dozens of tries to get this downloaded it finally went through
  11. The British Pack is the only one I cant download
  12. Sweet I can download it, but I still cant get the other car pack
  13. I changed my tag cause to many people knew me
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