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  1. DeSaLvO

    Only DX12... ***, really?!

    Tried this last night didnt work for me. The guy Kong even talked me through the process incase i was doing something wrong still no joy !
  2. DeSaLvO

    Error mesagge -GRID 2019

    It wont run for some people in DX12 hence why they are asking for DX11 option
  3. DeSaLvO

    Error mesagge -GRID 2019

    Ive seen a few people get this error now. Codemasters can you please post a reply asap thank you
  4. DeSaLvO


    What a plonker  :D
  5. DeSaLvO


    Arh how nice of you to post about me, shame you couldn't keep up with me to show how i was driving lol. And what you should really do is post the video of you ramming me on every corner because you couldn't handle that i was faster than you :)  Seriously is this guy about 10 years of age ?
  6. DeSaLvO

    grid autosport

    What a plonker lol. And thanx charger  ;)
  7. DeSaLvO

    Team Infinitus [INF] Recruiting

    Now currently rank 25 
  8. DeSaLvO

    Club XP system - Is it fair?

    Well my apologies then Supercharger when i searched you earlier on steam couldnt find you but now i see why because you changed your name :) I was going off what one of the guys had said obviously they were wrong sorry. 
  9. DeSaLvO

    Club XP system - Is it fair?

     RWBSUPERCHARGER said: Seems to me like some teams are a bit upset that other teams are putting in hard work to climb the board. If you check our gaming hours of our members you can clearly see why we are moving up the board. So instead of writing silly posts and deleting us off your steam friends gather all the facts and L2P. Seems you got a bee in your bonnet because you had a run in with a couple of our members because they accused you of being an unfair racer !!
  10. DeSaLvO

    Team Infinitus [INF] Recruiting

    We are a mixed community mostly English but some European guys, looking for fun guys or girls who like a bit of banter and clean racing MOST of the time haha. We are currently ranked 32 and are looking to push our team up the leaderboard. https://racenet.codemasters.com/grid-autosport/club/4446/infinitus Steam contact :  desalvo6483 Our personal website :   http://www.infinitus-esports.co.uk/