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  1. I remember last game we had the option of editing the location of all the On screen display elements. For some reason on 2021 I can't figure out how to do that. Is it or is it not a thing on this year's game. Thanks fir any help guys!
  2. I feel this is a slight issue to especially for slight damage I think maybe the colour on MFD can be changed a bit
  3. Report Code - will get when I'm on again Platform is Xbox series x Game-mode - coop career and online I general [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? 2 me and my mate on coop career and up to 20 online. [ONLINE] Were you the host - Yes and no What troubleshooting have you tried? 1st things first was to check audio settings, everything was correct. Secondly went into a single player career whilst still in party and it worked as normal. Went back to an online race and Jeff doesnt speak at all. Game was restarted and then Xbox was unplagged and restarted a
  4. This happens whenever you are in a party with some1 on xbox as me and m8 do coop career and both can never hear him when partying up. He's on Xbox one I'm on series X
  5. Yh man it's happened way too much for my liking also my team mate has spun me aswell lol 😆
  6. Some examples https://xboxclips.co/abr-ryann97/5015d12a-f73a-44fe-88c1-eab955dac127 https://xboxclips.co/abr-ryann97/8459c015-d422-48f4-bbe0-276eb744a72f
  7. Me and my friend have been doing coop career at 102 Level AI. We feel that the AI are way too aggressive in terms of leaving space etc. 3 or 4 times we have been put in the wall or recieved damage through "Stupid AI" now I like the aggressiveness but when it costs you races it's not fun. Is this just my opinion or do others feel AI need to be tweaked slightly??
  8. We can only hope its in the next f1 game but how cool would it be to decide whether or not you want a more/less draggy aero. Maybe this could be done through R and D but I was thinking actually at the start where by you get to chose different wing shapes etc. Would be awesome!!
  9. ABR Ryann97


    Not many have patience with regards to this 😂
  10. I really think My Team has great potential to become one of the best modes out there. My main improvements that need to be made are; - allow us to choose from different wings/sidepods/barge board designs with each given a slight upgrade/downgrade to certain performance parameters. Then throughout the season you can upgrade these certain aspects if you so wish with each new feature actually changing the look on car slightly. - Unlikely to ever happen, but more actual sponsors would be amazing - Could you imagine an online My team even if they just try it for 2 players. That
  11. I just think increasing warning to pen ratio would be ideal unless its an obvious cut to gain advantage. Alot of the time in the game you lose time and still get a pen. I think to simply increase the warning limit to 5 is a good compromise
  12. With next gen consoles finally here and id expect a new game compatible on next gen in the future surely it would be possible to maybe do a co op career of some description that included car upgrades throughout the season. That imo would be the best thing ever aswell off course hopefully an almost bug free game. Interested to hear people's thoughts.
  13. Hopefully get some confirmation from codies soon
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