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  1. Every game has bugs, it's just the way it is!!!
  2. UNiTY Ryan

    Pad setting with no assists

    Appreciate that some tracks im really getting used to others with very slow traction zone corners are the hardest lol. Also getting of the line is so hard I lose 4 or 5 places each time lol.
  3. HELP Needed?? Hi looking to start running no assists and I just can't figure out how to get good starts with a pad. Any help will be appreciated as until then I won't be competitive enough as I like. Thanks
  4. UNiTY Ryan

    Camber settings

    am just using same as last game tbh
  5. The ability to choose what engine sound and, the ability to choose from an array of aero parts you would like from other teams from the grid would be great. I believe this is something that will help enhance the multiplayer car experience in the future
  6. UNiTY Ryan

    Pad setting with no assists

    Hi, am looking at going into no assists on the pad just wondering if there were any tips anyone could recommend in terms of controller calibration etc. much appreciated