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  1. Think this needs to be bought back, but with all the editions that have been added over the past years in terms of in team developments and driver transfers. Would be amazing. If you could do a career online with a mate. Maybe something that is doable on the crossover to next gen consoles. Opinions??

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  2. 11 hours ago, PipsAhoy said:

    As someone who had to make the switch from wheel to pad last year thanks to space constraints, I totally feel the pain you're going through!

    If your experience is anything like mine then what's killing you as far as turning assists off is every tiny movement of the stick throwing just about full lock on, and an overall inability to be as precise with steering input as you'd like to be. 

    The big changes I made were to steering linearity and saturation. Increasing the linearity will mean that the further you push the stick, the bigger movement of the steering wheel the game will register. This means that small movements towards the middle of the sticks movement won't go sending you into the barrier everytime. For me a setting of 50 works well provided the setup is good. But for tighter tracks with less margin for error like Monaca I bumped it to 65-70 and it helped a bit more.

    Steering saturation is essentially a sensitivity control affecting how much lock you need to make the wheels turn. Increasing this along with the linearity change was a great all-round way to fine tune the steering for me. Again I settled on about 50 but play with it a bit to see what suits your style.

    The linearity/saturation settings for the other aspects like throttle etc. I left alone. I'm using a PS4 controller and I feel like the triggers have a long enough travel for me to modulate throttle and brake comfortably and precisely. But the settings do exact;y the same thing as the steering ones just for whatever function you're adjusting so they might help too depending on exactly what it is you're finding difficult. For example if you're always spinning the wheels on acceleration then you might want to adjust the linearity of the throttle.

    The other really important thing to nail when using a controller is the setup. It needs to be slightly different to what wheel players would use as your challenges are going to be slightly different. Setting the car up for a controller is more about controlling quick shifts in weight and balancing between sharp turn in and rear stability in long, fast corners in my experience. Browse the forums and look for setups that are designed for controllers. I use these all the time and whilst you may tweak a little bit here and there, they will always get you in the ballpark at least.

    One last thing that may or may not be up your alley. I had a pair of those Kontrol Freeks analogue stick extenders lying around for use in FPS games and thought I'd give them a go for F1. I found having it on the left stick made a noticeable difference to my ability to make precise steering adjustments, particularly on corners that have long, gradually opening exits and wide radius fast corners.

    Anyway, that's my experience with setting up a pad. Hope it helps!

    Appreciate that some tracks im really getting used to others with very slow traction zone corners are the hardest lol. Also getting of the line is so hard I lose 4 or 5 places each time lol.

  3. DJ007 said:
    To link requires your Steam ID or PSN/Xbox equivalent.  If Steam, you will likely need your emails open as Steam Guard would activate to prevent account hijack.  Steam send you a short code to 'ensure' it's you.  Maybe that's what you mean?
    Thnx im on xbox and want to link so i can start my own clan but it says you need a link code along with gamertag and I dont know what its talking about?