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  1. As I'm sure many of us here are involved in league racing. I was jist wondering what the situation is with regards to those that get their hands on the new consoles compared to those without. Has there been any updates of how this will work??
  2. UNiTY Ryan

    Cross play between new gen and old gen consoles

    Hopefully get some confirmation from codies soon
  3. UNiTY Ryan

    Hard tyres in qualy

    Last year we had the ability of choosing hard tyre selection so we could use hard tyres in qualy can we have this option back at all??
  4. I used to have the same problem last game, but it would be nice for the option go not change tyres during a stop. For example pittled lap 7 Softs to Hards then had my wing damaged lap 9. Now I only have 1 set of hards so I now have to hope my medium tyres don't go bust on me. Having the option to stay on the hards would have allowed me to push the rest of the stint. Thus happened my 1st league race yesterday..... Thats my thoughts anyway. Believe this was discussed before in the beta. Opinions??
  5. UNiTY Ryan


    Slipstream effect needs increasing a little while dirty air effect needs reducing slightly just so there's slightly more opportunity to overtake, as I feel like I'm needing to utilise overtake too much to overtake.
  6. 1. Deluxe Schumacher edition 2. Digital 3. June 27th 4. No coins purchased thus far
  7. Yh tbh I've never really touched career mode previous games. I've been multiplayer focused and have had problems with gearbox from time to time so have had to adjust accordingly lol
  8. First few races I had that problem but have now since tweaked the way I drive. And wear is a lot less. Could be a slight bug but I'd say its more the way you drive.
  9. UNiTY Ryan

    F2 updated grid

    Hi, So just wondering if there will be an update and when this will possibly as have heard from a few that its still the 2019 season and only a 20 man grid. If this dies get updated will we be able to have 24 in lobby??
  10. UNiTY Ryan

    Pitcoins Missing | UPDATE HERE 04/08/2020

    Ryannnn 97 - Xbox One
  11. UNiTY Ryan

    Allow lapped cars to unlap during SC

    This defo needs looking at if possible
  12. Ever since the start of 2019 when under VSC there has been a glitch whereby those that didn't host can take advantage by going under the delta in the red and gaining upto 1.5s at times. When "VSC is about to end". This can actually be so annoying especially when you are a league admin like myself that hosts lobbies lol. Hopefully this can maybe get patched?
  13. UNiTY Ryan

    Downshifting change

    Its by design, your lucky where its atm, was even slower on beta
  14. UNiTY Ryan

    Tyre compount bug

    Had the same problem in my team, 50% soft to mediums...... lost my 10th place because of it...
  15. UNiTY Ryan

    how to get good start in f2 cars?

    Lift off before green lightly just slightly
  16. UNiTY Ryan

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Has been mentioned numerous times. Be patient. You will be Emailed at some point over the next week or so more than likely.
  17. UNiTY Ryan

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    No one yet more info probably Wednesday or Thursday, be patient people
  18. UNiTY Ryan

    F1 preorderd release

    I would guess it's a mistake on their behalf on the description I'm sure you will still get it early
  19. Think this needs to be bought back, but with all the editions that have been added over the past years in terms of in team developments and driver transfers. Would be amazing. If you could do a career online with a mate. Maybe something that is doable on the crossover to next gen consoles. Opinions??
  20. UNiTY Ryan

    [PS4] Faulty downshifting

    Probz best to look through that first. Seems a strange one that.
  21. UNiTY Ryan

    Super licence reset

    New 1 to me?? I'm guessing you've done basics like reset etc?? Am not really as experienced in that side of things as I just run in private leagues so cant really help
  22. I have had a similar problem in our F2 league races. It seems as though some1 backing out after the 1st race also causes staggered starts in the 2nd race. Will try ho recreate this in future.
  23. UNiTY Ryan

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Let's let the devs do their thing, it's been explained when and what will happen. Be patient and more info will be provided when they have it 😀
  24. UNiTY Ryan

    Ideas for improvement [F1 2020]

    Ability to use Qualy mode in practice would be nice. Also when you run low DF you should be able to see that in effect on the rear wing and vice versa for High DF