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  1. I used to have the same problem last game, but it would be nice for the option go not change tyres during a stop. For example pittled lap 7 Softs to Hards then had my wing damaged lap 9. Now I only have 1 set of hards so I now have to hope my medium tyres don't go bust on me. Having the option to stay on the hards would have allowed me to push the rest of the stint. Thus happened my 1st league race yesterday..... 


    Thats my thoughts anyway. Believe this was discussed before in the beta. Opinions??

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  2. Slipstream effect needs increasing a little while dirty air effect needs reducing slightly just so there's slightly more opportunity to overtake, as I feel like I'm needing to utilise overtake too much to overtake. 

  3. Ever since the start of 2019 when under VSC there has been a glitch whereby those that didn't host can take advantage by going under the delta in the red and gaining upto 1.5s at times. When "VSC is about to end". This can actually be so annoying especially when you are a league admin like myself that hosts lobbies lol. Hopefully this can maybe get patched?

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  4. Hi, So just wondering if there will be an update and when this will possibly as have heard from a few that its still the 2019 season and only a 20 man grid. If this dies get updated will we be able to have 24 in lobby??

  5. Think this needs to be bought back, but with all the editions that have been added over the past years in terms of in team developments and driver transfers. Would be amazing. If you could do a career online with a mate. Maybe something that is doable on the crossover to next gen consoles. Opinions??

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