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  1. Can always just add last lap time above current lap time. I use purple(best), last and current delta best. 
  2. Think mine was incorrect as well. It included a seperate page from an initial layout. Fixed and added w pic. 
  3. Best, last and delta lap times. Brake bias by brake temps. Shift light behind gear and rpm bar. Drs white not avail, red avail, green enabled. Background turns yellow if wheels are locking or spinning. Tire compound below brakes and fuel mix above. Tire temps on right w wear below. 
  4. Leader boards should definetly indicate aids. In forza for example, clean laps are always ranked above dirty laps, do the same with major aids. IE tcs and abs. A time of 1:42 without aids should be ranked higher than a 1:40 with aids. Also be sure to include options to force aids in online lobbies and allow people to search for online matches based on aid availability. Tell that to all the real drivers busting their butts to keep the rear end in check. If you think its just that simple you havent driven a TCSless car with any real power. Not that those tips aren't accurate, but its one th
  5. Traction control will certainly help with the increased torque but wont do anything to help with the decreased down force. That combined with fuel and tire wear is why I'd recommend some sort of easy mode.
  6. Those of you following this years f1 season should know what I'm on about. Traction levels for this years cars have been quite poor. You constantly see drivers fighting for control coming out of corners. Partly due to reduced rear down force this year and partly due to high levels of torque, not to mention ERS drag on the rear brakes. For CM's sake I really hope they implement an "easy" mode this year with increased traction and reduced fuel consumption. To take realistic levels of each away from us all would be robbing a lot of people of the kind of challenge and simulation they want but to m
  7. An in-helmet cam with realistic head movements, replays and telemetry.
  8. I can't comment on the online, I enjoyed offline enough that I seldom tried it. All games are going to have some lag but there have been enough complaints so it probably needs some work.Setups do need to feel more effective. I seldom felt like going with max wing really slowed me down enough to matter.I generally dissagree about handling. Perhaps a little physics improvement could be used but overall the game "felt" like driving an f1 car and not just another racing game.I dont understand how fast laps can be bad or codies fault. If you had an exact simulator people will still run faster laps
  9. Then play 2013. The game isnt going to get any better or have ANY of the stuff people want if it stays on old gen. If you want a new game with all the new features people want then CM need more power and more memory. I for one want a NEW game, not an old gen port with copy/paste data from 2013 and high res textures.
  10. Personnally I dont think it was a "bad" game by any means. Just found it very dissapointing how much was recycled content from 2012 and how support and bug fixes kinda spiraled down the toilet. Multiple attempts to fix some problems and some that were simply never resolved. Hoping to see a truly fresh look (menus,pits), hear fresh and improved voice overs and radio chat, more "functional" penalty system (no more penalty when rammed by AI), non-broken rubbering line on consoles and over all more polished title. If leaving out things like classic cars and tracks means more polish on the core gam
  11. That we're making it! :P Nothing other than right now, sorry guys. Thats more than we've gotten confirmed up till now :) Thanks
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