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    Formula B wrong livery

    I've noticed this too. I even drove for liquid-moly for a season and although my livery was correct team kicker was still misrepresented with liquid-moly colors. 
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    He's a little late in open-wheel. I slammed into a spun car at the crest of eau rouge in formula b right as he was saying "there's a spinout". Completely wrecked car and a DNF. :((
  3. sallaboutspeed

    Weird AI Bug: Anyone else see this?

    Imo it's a coding glitch. It's much more noticeable with the open wheelers but I've encountered it in touring cars too. Doesn't appear to affect anything as the a.i. will still drive straight but appear to be twitching all over the place.
  4. sallaboutspeed

    Corner cuts - Algarve

    It's a problem when you exceed track limits to AVOID an accident or collision. .. and still get penalized.
  5. sallaboutspeed

    What's your favorite track?

    Love it too... DLC maybe? The corkscrew would be insane in GAS. My favorites in game: Spa, Bathurst, Circuit del Jarama, Indianapolis & Okutama. Not in game: Le Mans, Road America, Watkins Glen & Macau.
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    Does XP have any bearing on team offers?

    You will always get backmarker offers in new championships (liqui-moly, razr, cusco etc) but if you finish in the top 3 and/or complete both team objectives you should get better offers. This is not always the case however as I completed the cat c touring car 6 event championship in 4th place and received an offer to drive for team kicker in cat b touring cars. So I could be wrong. But for the most part it goes drive for low teams, achieve objectives, get better offers. Lather rinse repeat. XP has next to no bearing on team offers. For example I reached level 10 in open wheel and still had only backmarker teams giving offers in any championship I had not competed in previously. Hope this helps.
  7. sallaboutspeed

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    New to the forum. All positives with this game so far as a LONG time gran turismo fan (played every one but the original) I can honestly say you have won me over. Will never buy a gt game again. GAS has just about everything that I could no longer ignore was lacking in the gran turismo series. These include: -AI that actually have a life of their own and aren't just glued to a racing line on a rail the whole race. GAS AI will beat bang and divebomb all over the place. A HUGE plus is that you actually have to find the passing zones that work for you and can't just zigzag around every car. -Collisions are realistic to a degree (although instances of flying touring cars are a little immersion breaking albeit hilarious). If you drive like an a*s you will be punished with steering falling away. A racing game that rewards patience and clean overtaking is a breath of fresh air. The damage model is one of the better ones and a huge upgrade over gt where you can bounce off anything at any speed and come away with some paint scratches. -Having the ability to qualify is a massive plus. iMO chasing from last gets a bit old too quick and isn't all too realistic. -The car roster is very solid but not overwhelming. (I.E. in gt6 there were about 15 different 90s Mazda coupes which is bewildering and really unnecessary) - Career mode is engaging and the longer championships are absolutely thrilling miles above gran turismo. My ONE AND ONLY COMPLAINT (aside from some glitches already mentioned in the forums) is the lack of pitstops. I like to race longer races in the top series (full distance 20 laps) and one pitstop a race would be huge greatly contributing to the realism. All in all congratulations @loore you have won yourself a gran turismo convert keep up the good work! =D>