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  1. i've spent 60 euros just to get "save file corrupted" after 30 hours .. oh please .. that's not the way it should be when the game costs this much :( and it's not about the money, it's just that i've lost my respect to codemasters .. if the patch doesn't work and it doesn't fix the saves, i'm done with your .. stuff
  2. So I had lvl 80 something, around 1 mil saved, 11 cars for each class, all of them almost fully upgraded and now my save file is corrupted .. are u kidding me ffs? :( I've spent like 30 hours of playing just to hear that it's little I can do ..
  3. My save is now corrupted and i'm not able to join the game on my profile .. I've wasted 30h+ on this game online just to get this stuff happen.. I was like in top 50 and now I cannot restore it.. Is there any help ?
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