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  1. Now, this assumes you will buy it, and won't already be put off because of the endless issues 2017 saw from release and that continued for months after.But hypothetically, if you were willing to forget that, how much is the halo a part in your decision to not buy, if that is your decision? This may seem a little excessive, the idea that you might not buy it because of the halo...but is it? Is it so obtrusive, so immersion breaking, so, frankly, annoying, that you are seriously considering a pass? The addition of the Brawn and Williams DLC cars is something I would have much preferred be offered during the life cycle of f1 2017, and a simple team livery, driver line up, update could have avoided the need for another £/€/$ 50 pay out for the customer. Yearly iterations for games that patently do not need then are a personal annoyance, but I understand the cynical cash grab they represent, and ultimately we are all responsible for their existence because we keep buying them. Shun them, stop buying them, make them ruinous not profitable, and they will stop releasing them. As far as the halo, however, is anyone feeling they are an eyesore and have totally ruined the look of the game (at least from the in car and T-Cam views, which are the most popular in game camera), and that they are not something you want in the game? Are they irrelevant to you? Can you ignore it, or get used to it, though you aren't a fan? Do you actually like the halo effect? Finally, and I know this is unlikely, should we, as the consumer, the player, the ones who fork over a not inconsiderable sum and keep this entire industry afloat, have the choice to disable the halo and play the game without it? This would certainly be the most player friendly option, but I have a feeling it would not be viewed with much enthusiasm by the people who own and run f1, and who allow Codemasters to replicate the sport. They are very specific about what they will allow and what they won't. So...thoughts...