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  1. @XHunter22 You can find those notes here 😁🤙
  2. Season 3 isn’t showing up in the store. I tried to download it from the game screen prompt as well and it said that the content was unavailable. Platform PS4. Thanks for the help. 👍
  3. I own a 98 Honda Civic. Its a great little car. I hope to upgrade to a 99-01 si someday.
  4. Wow, this hasn't been touched in long time. Where is everyone? Croft was absolutely amazing!!! So much action and to my delight it looks like Subaru has finally turned up to the party. I loved watching Ash take wins in race 1 and 2 (sad for Jason, he could have been up there). Then in race 3 he gets taken off the track and still finishes 7th with 75kg! Just awesome.
  5. Ford just keeps on cementing themselves as my modern day favorite rally team. Love the new look of the car. I think they will be a force out in Finland.
  6. I'm not sure that a budget cap would really help either because you still need to finish high enough to make the big bucks. I guess it would slow down the development of Mercedes and Ferrari but those teams have so many recesses and experience that they would still be able to make huge strides in development.
  7. Through the season I'm ranking all the Grand Prix. 1 being the best so far. Here is the updated list. 1. Bahrain 2. Austria 3. China 4. Azerbaijan 5. Canada 6. Australia 7. France 8. Monaco 9. Spain
  8. Just went back a page by accident and eh.. well this is awkward Overall through a season Riccardo is the one that usually impresses. He can actually overtake unlike Verstappen.
  9. I don't understand how teams like McLaren and Williams with so much experience can fall flat on their face and never recover. I understand Williams but not McLaren. I mean, if Marussia was back they would finish ahead of McLaren by now.
  10. Ricciardo should switch teams if he gets the chance.
  11. Kylotonn  (V-Rally 4) is slowly taking crown of rally racing from Codemasters. V-Rally 4 is a full-out rally simulator. I highly doubt that. There really is no excuse for how bad that was. Hopefully the gameplay is 10/10 because it needs to be when it looks like that. I’m not saying it will be a bad game it’s just kind of lame that the visuals take such a hit.
  12. Well, there goes 2 of the 3 point scoring Fords. I mean, come on guys! Don’t let Hyundai mop the floor with you guys. I think M-Sport needs another veteran driver along side Ogier to score more points. So far for the first day it looks like Tanak pushed to hard and Nueville was on the edge of pushing to hard.
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