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  1. DiRTKiNG808

    GRID Season 3 - Arriving April 15th

    @XHunter22 You can find those notes here 😁🤙
  2. @ChrisGrovesMCM I’m sure you’ve seen all these posts but I thought I would tag you anyway to help the community. And I’m sure your working on the problem. I at least hope. But again I’m not mad or anything it would just be nice to get fixed.
  3. GRID is such a good game! I love playing it! It’s super slick and fun. But I will say that this problem with cockpit brightness still exists on some tracks. Could we have an update maybe on progress? Or at least you known it’s still there. I don’t want to sound pushy but it has been a while. Besides that, GRID is a solid game, loads of fun! Thank you for bringing GRID back to us. I hope it stays a long time with F1 and DiRT.
  4. DiRTKiNG808

    GRID Season 3 - Arriving April 15th

    Season 3 isn’t showing up in the store. I tried to download it from the game screen prompt as well and it said that the content was unavailable. Platform PS4. Thanks for the help. 👍
  5. DiRTKiNG808

    DiRT RALLY 2.0 Difficulty Slider

    @chukonu I totally agree! Going for podiums and sometimes the win really takes the pressure off. You avoid the win everything mentality, it teaches you how to take a loss and it helps you develop your driving skills!
  6. DiRTKiNG808

    DiRT RALLY 2.0 Difficulty Slider

    @Mike Dee So I figured out for Rally (using the Subaru WRX STI NR4) that 65-70 is a good difficulty. I started my own championship and finished 2nd overall in the rally, roughly a minute behind without winning a single stage (I got a 10th a 5th and lots of 3rd's and 2nd's). I could have finished 1st if I had eliminated the little mistakes from my driving (but thats how you learn).
  7. DiRTKiNG808

    DiRT RALLY 2.0 Difficulty Slider

    @Mike Dee Thank you for the suggestion!
  8. DiRTKiNG808

    DiRT RALLY 2.0 Difficulty Slider

    Thanks for getting back to me! I usually finish in the 3rd tier (4 being the highest) and in the middle of that tier. I rarely ever use a restart.
  9. DiRTKiNG808

    What Car Do You Own?

    I own a 98 Honda Civic. Its a great little car. I hope to upgrade to a 99-01 si someday.
  10. DiRTKiNG808

    What Car Do You Own?

    Thats super nice! Loving the red!
  11. DiRTKiNG808

    Do you listen to music when you play DiRT?

    For DiRT games I don't listen to music unless I'm making my own custom championship. I love making my own mixed championships in DR 2.0! Right now I just finished a 12 event championship called Subaru Launch Control. Its a mix of Rally and Rallycross, NR4 and RX Supercars and my own rule is only using Subaru's! For other racing games though (like NFS) I love listening to music!
  12. DiRTKiNG808

    DiRT RALLY 2.0 Difficulty Slider

    What are some of the differences between the numbers on the difficulty slider? I want to get an idea so I can choose the right setting for me. I played DiRT 4 on Tough witch was the second to last hardest difficulty. I’m really loving DR 2.0! It’s such a great game! What would be a good setting to win some stages but still be challenged by the AI?
  13. DiRTKiNG808

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    Images captured on PS4
  14. DiRTKiNG808

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    I have some screen shots I will upload later.
  15. DiRTKiNG808

    BTCC discussion

    Wow, this hasn't been touched in long time. Where is everyone? Croft was absolutely amazing!!! So much action and to my delight it looks like Subaru has finally turned up to the party. I loved watching Ash take wins in race 1 and 2 (sad for Jason, he could have been up there). Then in race 3 he gets taken off the track and still finishes 7th with 75kg! Just awesome.