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  1. No it was done in grand prix mode.
  2. Yeah but the current world record time around Austria is a 1.02.020, 6 tenths slower than the time Hamilton's AI set. I think that's kind of broken.
  3. In my opinion the AI are too fast. In the previous game I could beat them on 110 difficulty with no assists on most tracks with the Mercedes. Now I am always atleast a second off the pace of the AI. The lap times they set are way faster than real life. I just did a qualifying session around Austria and Hamilton set a 1.01.470 while Max Verstappens pole time in real life was a 1.03.720. I rode onboard with Hamilton's AI and he is braking 20 or 30 meters later than I can and he is just lifting for a second and then straight back on the power through turn 7 and 9, which seems so crazy to me.
  4. If you have 2 different My Career saves in F1 2020 it will set the same livery for both saves. So if I chose a livery on save 1, then it will automatically set the same livery for save 2. There is no way to have 2 different livery's for different My Career saves, you need to change it back manually each time you chose a different save. I am experiencing this on the PC on version 1.15.
  5. Ah ok thanks for the info guys I had no idea it could fail like that. What's also weird is that my engineer never told me about the damage and when I checked the vehicle condition he never mentioned it.
  6. During my first season of my career at the Russian grand prix, in the race I got random orange rear wing damage while driving down the pit straight early in the race which cost me alot of pace. I didn't crash or get crashed into and the damage fixed itself right before my pitstop. Is this a bug or has anyone else had something like this?
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