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  1. TheRolf

    Racenet AI

    Ghost the AI in time attack modes at least, the point of that mode is to set a time, not dodge vengeful AI.  (Tbh I'd prefer if playlist time attack was ghosted as well, sometime it's a bit of luck deciding if you get the chance to set a proper lap without rammers ruining it, or even a decent racer who is just that little bit slower then you are so you get slowed down but can't overtake without shenanigans)
  2. It gives you what you want no? It lessens the effects of AI in the challenge but still keeps the 'fastest lap' style mechanic? No, it absolutely does not. It is not races with AI, that's the problem, it is the AI in Time Attack. They are too weak. You run into them after half a lap and your laptime is ruined, as you cannot pass them properly. (not 'cause we all suck, but because they go feeled 1st gear in every corner) Options to solve that problem (more time attack is not a solution to problems IN time attack): Only ghost AImuch stronger AI (let us increase the difficulty of AI, if wanted)Either one of these two things will solve the problem and I think nothing else will do. At least I don't have any idea what should. I proposed that in another thread as well, ghosting the AI in time attack would be perfect as it is after all only about time, not some odd type of race. Personally I'd like to have ghosted cars in playlist time attack as well, people differ so much in skill, so some of the better can lose out just because they get more traffic from slower players. It's after all the time that matters in that event. 
  3. I'd would like to see everyone ghosted in Time Attack events overall, so the results are based on what you accomplish instead of who is blocking you on your better laps. In Time attack it should be all about the time, so just have everyone ghosted.  I don't see why we should be able to crash each other in time attack, it's not like in real racing where everyone gives some matter of respect for those on hot laps and moves over, everyone is working on their time, inadvertently blocking someone else often.  TL;DR Make it so everyone is ghosted in time attack events. 
  4. TheRolf

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    I really like the function to have your second screen display extra stats, show timing etc. However, in Online it only seems to use the same view as I'm having on the main screen. I'd like a option to have that camera act as a back mirror, so I can see what's going on behind me. Would make it a lot more useful!  Easier to know what's happening behind me, and dodge out of the way for flying maniacs :-)