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  1. Dotch

    Formula 2 on multiplayer

    Hello, it would be amazing if there will be possibility to pick F2 cars in League Mode. I'm running a league on F2 cars where races are on 2 seperate days and there is no option to split up Feature and Sprint races... The other solution for that is really really simple - game should allow us to pick only a sprint race in custom lobby. It's not possible now, we always have to compete in 2 races in one day... Hope it is possible to implement this tiny correction ;)
  2. Thank you for this update. I hoped for a changes in Leagues and Safety Car, and finally we got them. But... We still need REALLY important improvements to make Leagues usable. Admin must be able to kick player or change race time without voting! Admin should be able to set the new race date EVEN if is it before previous one.