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  1. Not too shabby! I guess we'll get some more info from the folks at the press event soon.
  2. It's Showdown 2.0 EAP for Mac isn't it? :)
  3. Damn.. I'm not on instagram, what is happening in there?
  4. Oh, the anticipation!! Let's hope it's not the wrong kind of 2.0. 
  5. I seem to remember us being Rick Rolled just now.. That to me is one step in a direction. :)
  6. Joke is lost, cannot paste image.. :( https://media1.giphy.com/media/11oppolhqgE8M0/giphy.gif
  7. Oh the excitement! We should really rename the thread to something like A Scandal in Bohemia. :o :o :o Maybe that means the Barum Czech Rally Zlin will be represented in DiRT Rally 2.0. Bit of a longshot but I'd just thought I could throw it in here. :)  Seriously guys, it feels great to be back in the Gossip Thread.
  8. Codies just updated their cover photo on faceballs. Might be wrong but I cannot say I recognise this as a screenshot from any recent DiRT game. Is there something brewing?
  9. Great stuff! It worked with yours. Nicely curated stages too. Well, my i20 did make friends with a few trees along the foggy stage. But so far, great good fun. Thanks!
  10. Nice to see that stuff is happening again. However, I cannot see any clubs with any active championships in them. I have joined one or two but they do not appear in-game. Anybody with a similar problem?
  11. Can't wait for rally sweden!  The new WRC cars will be rippin. yep, and those snow banks will be rippin too. The woods in Värmland is going to be the second most carbon fibre rich area in Sweden.
  12. Is it finally time for the previously rumored GRiT? 
  13. It sounds so weirdly familiar. Hoping for the "Be brave"-call. But instead I got something else, probably more familiar.. Usually its "sounds like a front left puncture" and not the driveshaft though...  Anyways, better luck next time and thanks for sharing!
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