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  1. JorritVD said:
    Good luck and have fun. ? Let's try have an open mind and if you not like something you can be critical, but also try to be supportive and give constructive feedback instead of just throw useless comments with trash words. 
    It's Showdown 2.0 EAP for Mac isn't it? :)

  2. Oh the excitement! We should really rename the thread to something like A Scandal in Bohemia. :o :o :o Maybe that means the Barum Czech Rally Zlin will be represented in DiRT Rally 2.0. Bit of a longshot but I'd just thought I could throw it in here. :) 

    Seriously guys, it feels great to be back in the Gossip Thread.

  3. I know it probably isn't the fault of DiRT 4. But my T300 has broken down, it won't calibrate correctly and just slams itself violently against the rotation stops repetedly. I used the motor calibration software for PC and managed to get it to calibrate when booting it up on the PS4 again, but after two stages the force feedback starts to get soft and then the wheel usually tends to be off centered. I can repeat the process and get it working again for a few stages, but it's not a persistent fix. 

    I'd be very happy for any suggestions or tips? I have had my wheel for little over two years, so as per usual things always breaks just after the guarantee runs out. 

    Thanks in advance!

  4. gfRally said:
    Azoresst said:

    "The calm before the storm"... Interesting...

    Can't wait for rally sweden!  The new WRC cars will be rippin.
    yep, and those snow banks will be rippin too. The woods in Värmland is going to be the second most carbon fibre rich area in Sweden.

  5. I've finally uploaded a bit of incar from mine and Paul's last rally we did

    It sounds so weirdly familiar. Hoping for the "Be brave"-call. But instead I got something else, probably more familiar.. Usually its "sounds like a front left puncture" and not the driveshaft though... 

    Anyways, better luck next time and thanks for sharing!

  6. I made a wallpaper of the images that bogani provided the thread with, because I can't sleep and had nothing else to do:

    Beautiful isn't it?

    No, I'm not drunk.
    Been trying to see the 3D image by staring through the screen for some time now. Is it one of those, or no? 

  7. I, for one, will not fall for this again. Fool me once... shame on... Shame on you. Fool me... you can't get fooled again!..

    ...who am I kidding. I have already fallen. I want all the facts!
    #thiscar, #thatcar, #whatcar, #whoscar, #142

  8. bogani said:

    Here's another pizza that is quite regular here in the South of Sweden.

    It's a kebab/gyros pizza... WITH FRIES! Boom. Minds blown.

    Banverket Special (equivalent in Britain would be BR Special) was the name of it in my home town of Ängelholm, in the North-eastern Southern of Sweden. Supposedly it was a favourite amongst navvies, one could guess that after long days of work on the track you'll need some serious grub. 

  9. gfRally said:
    I never saw CM3 as beeing intrusive, they were no more than what we have now.  
    Maybe I'm off track, but that's not what I meant. I don't think what CMR3 does is intrusive either, I think it might be a good thing giving the player a chance to see what goes on before and after the stage. 

  10. @gfRally mentioned CMR3 as an example of a good level of immersion from elements around the special stage, so I just had to look it up, and I like it! 


    Add the task of driving the car all the way to the time control after the stage and the finger count down and I'll be a very happy puppy. Of course all of these details could be optional?