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  1. Would also be great to have Colin Clarke modeled in the game doing stage end interviews. :)
  2. I don't know if that was supposed to be funny (sorry I laughed a lot!) but that was great fun to watch.  English translation made it even funnier at times.  You guys are great.   Klem på! Fantastic video, thanks for sharing. Gotta love those translations!
  3. old news, but T300 steering is back to normal. Celebration!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hEYwk0bypY
  4. Good to know. It's getting late here in Sweden, I think I need some sleep and a new go tomorrow.
  5. On PS4 with patch 1.1: Has something happened to the physics in rally as well or have I lost my mojo completely? 
  6. But energy drinks are OK, even though my kidneys ache when I drink them? Anyway, that's why I'm giving them the option to use my handle as a way of masking things.
  7. I'd love it if they would patch in some more official liveries on the PS4 version. I do miss the DotMartini livery on the Focus for instance.  But if it would be more cars, any car on any circuit in time trial, or perhaps another location. well ...
  8. What is up with this?!  Now that's a sign for sure. Cheers!
  9. What is a skid pan? The only pan I know about is the Swedish "långpanna" on which we cook all of our food.
  10. That's brutal! Zabra Rallyt? 
  11. Nope I'm genuinely not messing. Its like when we were being teased by Lee, it has come full circle once more :)  Well, it must be big in some way or you wouldn't even tease.  But it you start with that 4 thing or 128, I'll personally swim over there and shove a keyboard up your arse :smiley: AND then I'll pay @MastaVonBlasta wire it up from there xD Just like the golden days, before this forum was flooded by actual players, when we had it to ourselves and our Lost like numbers and this or that car...  Mmm... that car! 
  12. Seriously, it's a fantastic game! 
  13. Here's some gossip for you, this game is good. It's real good!  Feels great to be back in business, see you guys online, in the bottom of the leader boards. :) 
  14. Old discussion. You won't see the Martini logo, saying "Martini", but a 'censored' version of the livery is perfectly acceptable. I'll allow them to use my name for a censored version.. 
  15. Really cool! Thanks for posting the video @BrySkye .  I haven't played the game so I really do not know how it felt and so on. Judging from the video it looks serious but at the same time sort of gimmicky, I can still see why it might be troublesome to implement it on bigger maps as was pointed out earlier.  Given that, I really would like to see it in action in a modern rally sim for exactly the reasons that @enamel is talking about, just to get a feel for why there is so much fuzz about road cleaning. It plays a big part in modern rallying so striving to achieve it would pro
  16. To be fair, how much do we know about the tech that was in SEGA Rally at that time? How does it affect the physics of the car? Is the car just driving "on top" of everything and the groves are just visual flair? The technology to make three dimensional groves in the terrain exists in a couple of games, the mentioned SEGA Rally and Spintires are the first that comes to mind for me. I'm sure there are other examples. However the engine used in DiRT most likely does not support it and it is something that might be very troublesome to add, both from a timeline point of view but also from a techn
  17. Aha, yeah, that's exactly what I talk about. Castor oil is often used in 2-stroke oils. The Saab, as you are probably aware boasts a two stroke V4 and therefore it sounds and smells amazing. And looks good to. :)  I googled Cassie R and got strange blogs and such, not one of them smelling of two stroke engines. 
  18. Don't know who that is. http://www.ohgizmo.com/2014/01/02/two-stroke-smoke-candle-fill-your-home-with-the-scent-of-motorbikes/
  19. Yes please! I'd love some castor scented candles to go with that.
  20. Sideways across the world! This is why everybody should be excited about the Group RGT. 
  21. Sounds resonable! As a software developer myself, I'm always curious to learn a bit about the inner workings of the games I play. I understand you cannot give away any details, but it would be very interesting to get some glimpses of how you guys do your everyday work, what methodologies are you following, etc.. I have been interested to know how you do releases, is there like a stable branch from which you do your releases? How long is the typical release cycle? Does it differ on different platforms? I'm guessing Steam is the most flexible one?  I guess it might be an idea for a blo
  22. Happy new year! Hugely excited to be able to play DiRT Rally on PS4 in April. Has there been any rumors about moving the game to the next ego engine before console launch? Is it even possible? It would be very interesting to know how compatible the new engine is with old content, purely out of  my own curiosity. 
  23. You and me both. Cannot wait for spring.
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