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  1. Holy smokes, those helicopter replays reaching me via youtube from Sweden looks insanely good! C'mon!!
  2. Boy, oh boy. Finally! One more reason why I cannot wait for spring.
  3. Oh DiRTy gossip! How have you all been?  Looks like I might have to come visit more often. :)
  4. Damn. It does look like a lot of fun!
  5. Who made the CMR3 Theme? It reminds me of something. It's almost Star Guitar by Chemical Brothers.. Awesome track nevertheless, takes me back! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82ZKNd1f6rE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0S43IwBF0uM Edit: It says in the comments on the first link who made it.  Also note the PS2 logo on the boxart... Hint hint! Nudge nudge!
  6. Boy oh boy, I log out of the forum in affect about a week ago and now look what has happened. In a way it's cool. Shows the support for the title. Now if someone could please dig up some gossip on console relase that would be great!  Otherwise I'll be playing Project Cars, and watching you jealously from afar! 
  7. This isn't accurate. Obviously things may change, but for the moment, DiRT Rally is what it is :smiley: I'm really honoured to be in the game credits, or what those screen grabs are :) , but to be perfectly honest I feel like us console gamers deserve a bit of straight talk from you guys at Codemasters. Comments like this, and the FAQ only works to make matters even worse for us.  I hope you can tell us what the plan is, maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but I am expecting an answer relatively soon on what all of this conflicting information regarding the console availability m
  8. Check out dirtgame.com ;) Well that's unfortunate. Have fun you guys! :)
  9. As disappointed as I am with not being able to play this game, since I do not own a PC good enough to play anything above Kerbal Space Program. I really cannot shake the feeling that this is not the game we have been told to expect from the DiRT team. There has been so much talk about the number 4, Rallycross, possible other diciplines, online ladders and so on. Remember the tweets from the team a while ago when FIA and the guys where talking about somebody should make a game abot RX. Not to mention the people visiting the HQ and leaking the bits of info afterwards.  Anybody else out th
  10. Very cool looking site! I can find twelve references of the word "dirt" (most in close relationship to the number 3 and something called "showdown") in the document object model of the games page, no references to "drt" or "exe" or 4 for that matter. 
  11. Yeah, since DiRT4 or whatever wont be around for a couple of months (hoping we do not have to talk about years) we should do something with the classic games. I need my racing game fix, at least until Project Cars drops in May, June, July, August, Q4 maybe... I'll go right ahead and dust of my PS3. 
  12. Thanks for sharing! Really nice podcast and kinda cool to get to hear about your work @justbiglee. Too bad we did not get any more news on DiRT. Kind of makes me feel like a reveal/release is not very near. But, I have been very wrong about these things before!  Edit: Well I was apparently not done listening. A bit trigger happy there. Thanks Lee for confirming the game for Game Boy, the boys and girls at Codies has listened to the crowds begging for GBA support! :)
  13. On the subject of revealing thing: Just make a teaser trailer like this one and you should be good. I think I have said it before but it still sends shivers through my spine (the good kind). :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MgSPOgcUyQ To go into specifics, the sound is really what gets me, and the timing with the music at the end. You have a lot of dedicated THiNG fans here at the forums, so give us a small shout-out in the teaser, like an explanation of one of your riddles and then.. please just take my money. Cheers! :)
  14. Yeah, if you want to put a Porsche in your game you have to sub licence it from them. That's why you usually get RUF's in most games So a definite no go for the Tuthill Porsche in the next installment of DiRT then..? :( 
  15. Take a guess @justbiglee! I know I'd love to see some dev diaries. You can show pretty much whatever you'd want, I'd watch it. :) However, I'm very interested in how you take in the opinions of the community and how you work with real drivers and co-drivers to test the game.
  16. Hats of for not removing it then!
  17. Is it out now? What "That Car" is?  https://twitter.com/Davidpexu/status/573534925472796672 https://twitter.com/dirtgame/status/573535188745068544
  18. I want an older Scooby too, this looks awesome! 
  19. I bet you've got one of these at home, haven't you? If in doubt, straighten out!
  20. 128 = 2^7  What do you guys think of that..? Quality gossip? Is there something going on second of July? My first guess was Goodwood, but that is a couple of days before. 
  21. To be fair it's from the Buy My Volvo video by Castor. This guy made an ad when he was to sell his old car and he got Volvo so impressed that they sent him a new car to do a similar video for it. And sold his old car to be used in a Forza commercial. Quite amusing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ0nkStZnWo
  22. And I'm just as guilty :). BTW, nice ride  I go for cat and dog stickers on mine, for that rally feeling! #lolvo
  23. Yeah off course, good luck! Looking forward to follow your progress.
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