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  1. Really nice set of videos @Benniz‌. I must say I'm really envious of you, even if I have some nice new gear for the 2015 season, karting simply is not rallying that's for sure. :) If you guys ever end up in a south Swedish rally I'll come cheer you on. I can really recommend Snapphanerallyt, haven't driven it but the stages looks awesome from the side of the road! 
  2. I'm always on the lookout for nice stickers, still waiting to get my hands on some DiRT3 ones for my toolbox. I'd suggest you team up with We The Terrors, their stickers has a lot of attitude and is a lot more fun than "just a sticker with a logo". Another thing I'd love to have is a quality DiRT fitted cap to wear in the service park between shakedown and stages. 
  3. I guess a single thread would do fine, lets say it has the leaderboard tucked in somewhere and there is a possibility for the members to discuss stuff. I do like the idea of the public being able to follow the progress and maybe post comments and show support in some way, maybe this waould be a way of recruiting people to the tournament.
  4. I like the Manufactures points, u can do that in combination with a Co-Up mode online championship, so u can form with ur friends a team! ( Online and offline) And about the damage if u have more then 1 stage between the service, .. that is a must in rally. After all its not JUST driving flat out! , Its driving on the maximum but also try to keep your car together! Exactly, great minds think alike! :)
  5. A lot of cool stuff has already been brought up here, my apologies if I repeat some of what has already been taken up.  I really enjoyed the DRC that ran on the forums a while ago, that concept would be great. At the same time, part of the warm fuzzy feeling came from uploading your times and discussing with others about setup and so on. Plus the shear fact that it was a quite closed group with a real passion for the game.  I don't want to be elitistic, so open the thing up for more people to enjoy. I can think of a few details one could implement to try to mimic and improve on wha
  6. I'll pay good money to get another abbreviation for early access. Can not stop thinking about another game publisher. And maybe an EAx fork of this thread. :)  Cheers!
  7. This is terrible news. I really have no insights into this, but I thought Codies were doing alright? Not getting on the current gen console train with GRID AS and F1 2014 seemed to be a strange path to follow, the articles hints at that being a reason for them not selling as much. I for one did not buy Autosport because it was on last gen, I was voting for a current gen game with my money. I am now starting to doubt that decision. I have always enjoyed playing Codies games and to me they have always been one of the hallmarks of game development, pretty much ever since I became aware there is
  8. Thank you for an awesome year guys! It has been great to take part in this rather strange gossip thread where we experience constant oscillations between hopes and crushed dreams. I hope we'll see a lot of gossiping next year, more hopes being realised in a game, and that we finally get to know what that car is... Merry Christmas and a DiRTy new year from a snowy Sweden!
  9. Food for thought, if Milestones looses the WRC licence... Then maybe.. Codies? Ooo! Excitement (possibly)!
  10. I think it should be called just that for exactly the same reason. We already miss you @JonTucker‌ !! 
  11. Very interesting read from @justbiglee‌! Thanks for sharing. When all of this is out in the open and people are free to talk, I do hope we can get explanations to some of your teasings during these last twelve, or so, months. Teasings which, by the way, has been a nice distraction, but a tad frustrating at times! We wanna know! :) 
  12. Yeah, for me they would have been great. I have a couple of friends who are into iRacing and that sort of hard-hardcore stuff and they seem to like Fanatec pedals better. So maybe I can get my hands on a set of un-used pedals from the T500 package, and then buy the T300 to go with them. 
  13. Next title in line would be Project Cars I guess. They have listed both the T300 and the T500. Loads of simracers seems to buy the T500 and then use another pedal set, I'll try to find someone who has done that and then buy their pedals, I think.  No word from Codies on what will be supported for F1 2015 I guess? 
  14. Yeah, this pretty much sums up what I have learned so far.  I'd really like the T300 with the Ferrari wheel, but the pedal set is really up to par with the wheel it seems. If I buy the T500, will I be able to use it in the future? That's the big question. I think game devs, console makers and peripheral manufacturers should be a bit more open with their intentions at moments like these when nobody knows what the intention is with support for different hardware. 
  15. Is there a chance there will be a replacement for the T500 with new brushless engines? 
  16. I recently sold my G27 since there is no support for it on PS4. I am now thinking of getting the T500 as a replacement. Does anyone have any insights into how the support for this wheel will be for future titles on the system? I actually would like the T300, which seems to be as close to an official wheel for the PS4, but the pedal set really puts me off! All insights and speculations is wanted!
  17. awkward moment seal of disapproval
  18. That to me is the most exciting news comming indirectly from the DiRT team since it became apparent that they where working on a new title at all. Thanks for sharing! I do hope we can keep the speculations on a good level even after the loss of @Rallycameraman‌ , @RallyDriven‌ and @tbtstt‌ to the NDA. 
  19. Go for a good meme on the packaging:   Much speed                                        Such dust           Many car                          How muddy Or is this a violation of the rules?
  20. Maybe this shift is mainly going on in Sweden. A lot of our promising rally drivers have switched from the World Rally scene to that of rally cross. I understand it from a business point of view, probably a bit easier to get a budget to do it.  However, add some basesball caps, skateboards and energy drinks to the rally scene and we might get a shift back in the, according to me, right direction. 
  21. Rallycross is fun but I want cars with rear lights. What do we need to do to stop the trend of everyone and everything moving from rally to RX? #rxgate
  22. Hey guys, just a thought... Is it time to create a new thread for the visit to codies and let us have all the speculation and guessing here? I get very excited when I see new messages in this thread, only to find that it is about the visit which I cannot attend. #smileyface2sadface
  23. I would be happy to sign an NDA if I get access to some kind of live stream. Would be awesome to see what you have been up to.  I'll even treat myself to some burgers and snacks! Mmm... snacks!
  24. Why oh why is Malmö so far away from Birmingham? We should build a bridge! 
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