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  1. Hey guys, I have been trying to give Driveclub a go for about a week now... It's not doing it for me.  How about giving us just a little information on when we can expect a good racing game on current generation platforms? 
  2. "It's a family affair" — Name your driver Petter and then rename it to be called Henning "Carlsson-on-the-roof" — Roll your Saab 96 and make it come to a halt lying upside down on the roof "Only dead fish follow the stream" — Start your career as a rally driver and resist the temptation to move over to rally cross or circuit racing I quite like the ones mentioned that has something to do with historic events though!
  3. Nice, that should work perfectly as inspiration for an upcomming game!
  4. I'm all for it! I guess we could write off any speculations (again) that there is a game in this category in the making. Announce it when you guys are ready for it. I'll be waiting patiently.  In the meantime, who is up for some DiRT3 online on PS3? (where my ol' G27 still works) :) 
  5. Rallycross in a rally game! That's outrageous!! Like FIFA featuring the Miami Dolphins... :)
  6. I would love it if we could set up some multiplayer sessions! :)
  7. I recommend eating some cheese before bed. You'll have such weird nightmares you won't have time to dream about DiRT. ;) What cheese packs the most punch in this regard? Danish "Den Gamle Ole" (Old Oliver) smells like DiRTy socks and gives you nightmares. About socks. Not recommended. 
  8. They have been playing this mindgame for months on now. I can't gather the energy to get excited anymore. Send me a mail when the thing is out! |-O  (yawn smileyface)
  9. "fog" in games before the 360/PS3 actually increased performance/framerate. ;) So they say... :)
  10. I wish they could develop it for the N64. Just remove some of the fog and you are done for the Xbox 360. It was way too long since I bought a game on a cartridge. 
  11. Interesting stuff! Now, is it too early to hope for a hint of DiRT4 at Gamescom? With F1 out of ze way and Grid well into DLC release mode, silly season must be coming up for the DiRT/CMR franchise?
  12. Please include the 12h endurance race of the BLMA, it looks wicked!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJDcv2H6vTY
  13. Yeah! The hand gesture there is priceless!
  14. I'd go with you guys, don't spend too much time developing remakes. Nostalgia for old video games is great and my memories of the old titles are awesome, but lets keep them that way, shrouded in the romantic glimmer of past times.  By all means, use the locations or parts of the stages or whatever, but do a proper re-creation and not some remake with more motion blur to cover up the spots.  But that's my two cents!
  15. Nice video, I have had the privilege to visit the Finnish forrests a couple of times and I actually think the DiRT3 representation of the rally is quite accurate. All we need are some more stages, and maybe some longer ones. But that should not come as news to anyone by now.  :)
  16. There used to be a Mentos Rally Team, really liked their liveries but I haven't seen them in action for a while.
  17. Both games are based on the EGO engine I persume?  New wallpaper anyone?
  18. Oooh things are getting hot in here! What will happen after the announcement of F1? 
  19. While on the subject of licensed cars, I hope we could see some more appearances from the WRC2 category. I really enjoyed the Fiat and Peugeot of DiRT3. Maybe upgrade to regional rallycars or R5 specs, and I for one cross all my hearts that the Skoda Fabia makes it into the game this time. Who would not like to drive around in this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuPS32Nxdgo That anti lag sound makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!
  20. Agreed! Real cars and real liveries gives an authentic atmosphere. It would be awesome if Codies got the chance to make the official WRC game, but they have proved themselves very competent even if there is no license. I'd like to see real world locations, but stages "based on a true story" would suffice. For me a game that is enjoyable goes before ultra realism. 
  21. Totally agree with you on this. However Räikkönen was somewhat of strange bird in the WRC circus, most other drivers and co-drivers are quite expressive and accessible towards the fans and press. Maybe Ken Block could arrange some kind of bootcamp for Kimi to show him how things are done in rally. :) I mean you'll never see a top driver in F1 riding around on bike in the pit area just to have a wee chat with the competition, something I have witnessed first hand in a WRC service park.
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