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  1. Guys, @justbiglee just confirmed something! Quick, to the gossip thread!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmjFni_WLrA
  2. I know it's kind of a tall order but if you could make the slow-mo shots in replay look like this, I could wait until next E3 for an official reveal! Okay, maybe not next E3, but definitely until late October.. of this year. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6wEjQdxSTA Anyway it would be kind of cool to have some slow-mo shots mixed in when looking at the replay in "TV view".
  3. Impressive piece of kit in any case! :)
  4. It does look quite scary! I wouldn't like to be pinched by one of those panels.. :)
  5. That looks properly scary!! What does that thing do? :)
  6. Thanks Lee, looking forward to it. 
  7. I seem to recall him talking about 36 donuts not that long ago. Has the team lost a dev or is it some kind of number station counting down to, what?
  8. I'd love to have breadcrumb navigation here at the forum. It is such a nice way of navigating your way backwards in a forum. Would it be possible to implement? 
  9. Oh yeah! More dust and dirt! Plus maybe a Kärcher booth where the car is cleaned before service. 
  10. Standing by for some news... Any news would do..!
  11. How about this for a hint? https://twitter.com/dirtgame/status/476765436454141955 DiRT4 with FIA WRC license might be a possibility? ---Edit: Sorry @gfrally, I'm a bit late to the party! :)
  12. Name: dotmartinTeam: Teckomatorque Stage 1 time: 3:30.502Stage 2 time: 1:26.732Stage 3 time: 3:14.376Stage 4 time: 2:01.578
  13. Exciting! Let's hope it's a current gen (PS4, etcetera) game with some connection to a FIA license.  Could we see an announcement on the Sony press conference maybe? 
  14. Could this be the proof? Thanks! No more speculation from my part... Until maybe after E3? D?????
  15. @Britpoint: pictures or it did not happen! :)
  16. Name: dotmartinTeam: teckomatorqueStage 1 Time: 3:02.325Stage 2 Time: 3:08.974Stage 3 Time: 2:38.942Stage 4 Time: 2:14.867
  17. Off topic maybe, but I just watched the DiRT3 teaser trailer. Man that was one for the books! The sound, the environments, the music! Can't wait for the sequel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MgSPOgcUyQ
  18. Is this a clue maybe? What is this very hard assignment? Is it making another DiRT americana game or is the word assignment reflecting on a bigger responsibility? Like a FIA license?  #breakitdownandspeculate
  19. Name: dotmartin Team: Teckomatorque Stage 1 time: 2:44.392Stage 2 time: 2:36.496Stage 3 time: 0:57.955
  20. Would not be surprised if there is some kind of data collection going on (from the DRC), but most likely not actual in-game metrics. Just the mere fact that the hard core fans of the game are playing and giving feedback on the old game as well is probably valid "beta" test data.  Or it's just a way of raising awareness of the series prior to what will be announced in a (hopefully) not so distant future! :)
  21. Well that requires some domain knowledge indeed. Just the way we like it! :)
  22. As RallyDriven said I believe Liam Doran was involved with DiRT 3 (his name is certainly in the game). That leg in the video doesn't look like Liam either! Elfyn Evans is a good guess. Are we getting warm yet @JonTucker and @KickUp, or are we miles off? How to answer this with a clue without giving it away. You should probatly have another go at it. ;)  Yeah, I get that probatly is misspelled, but what does it mean? I'm not natively British, so it kind of goes over my head! :(
  23. @KickUp: I'd be thrilled if you'd share the background of your "typo" with us? What is it I am missing? 
  24. Scones, is that a hint towards Ireland? Could it be Robert Barrable?  EDIT:Nope, missed that he/she was confirmed to be British. Ireland is not included there. 
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