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  1. Team name: Teckomatorque RacingMembers: dotmartin, solo for nowPlatform: PS3Logo:  I'd like to take part in the wednesday events when possible. Edit: Revised logo
  2. Yes, it is for those three platforms :) I missed that text at the end of the blogpost. :)  The video and images looks awesome. Let's just hope it runs smoother than Grid2 did on PS3. It really seemed to be on the edge of what the old generation of consoles could manage, with a lot of lag and choppy framerate. 
  3. Lots of websites reporting Xbox360, PS3 and PC. Alright, any official word? 
  4. No mention on what formats it will be released for? 
  5. Hey, I'm barely average at the game. But I'd like to take part in this little competition with you if you are still looking for a team mate. Also on PS3. 
  6. I think @justbiglee is a huge Wu Tang fan, and brings his team the 36 Styles of Danger! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbfGkiecl2M
  7. That second car sounds like a rally car, and I can hear hooves in the background. GRiT is comming! o_0
  8. This might suggest...  What if they have merged the two series. One big useless World Series of Racing with gymkhana, rally, touring cars, touge, le mans, horseback riding and (god forbid) drift. All vehicles mixed up into one big stinkin stew called GRiT..
  9. I really like the fact that I get notifications on the forum page. The little red number is a great thing. I did not receive mails for updates on this discussion for instance. I have tried un-ticking it anyway. We'll see what happens. 
  10. I un-ticked all email notifications when I signed up. Still got them for my question. Could it be related to it being marked as a 'question' and not a 'discussion'?
  11. I posted a question to the forums, and I keep getting emails every time someone posts an answer to that question. It would be nice to be able to opt out of that notification like I can do with other stuff on the settings page. 
  12. 1. Yes2. DiRT 2 or 3 on PS33. DRC sounds good I really like to drive, but I don't know if I am good enough to be paired with another competitor. Would it be possible to compete solo?
  13. @SILVERARROWS you are correct! :)
  14. There are so many great ones! Abdulaziz Al-kuwari has a really nice livery going for this season:  https://twitter.com/OfficialWRC/status/449225078702485504/photo/1
  15. Nice thread, let's try something a little different? It's not a corner but a very famous <bleep!>.
  16. B-) Signature ->  Don't get me wrong, Bobby K has talent and massive speed. Plus he does an important job of advertising the greatness of rally. But he needs the experience of actually finishing some rallies. 
  17. Isn't that a certain formula one driver you are thinking about Lee?
  18. I met this guy in the Finnish forests a couple of years ago:   More pictures on my Flickr
  19. Hey no man, don't think that we love your ideas, you should post up that one for the cameras and see what everybody thinks :) I might be a bit strange in that I care about replays, and enjoy watching them. Especially in the DiRT series when the car gets DiRTier and DiRTier. :) So my idea is for a replay or spectator mode that is based on how the sport of rally has been depicted on TV lately. Especially when following a Power Stage in WRC events.  First you get to see the first contestant lines up on the starting line, and goes of at the end of a count down. Then you get to follow tha
  20. Hey no man, don't think that we love your ideas, you should post up that one for the cameras and see what everybody thinks :)Yeah, I guessed that was the case. Please direct me to them cameras! :) Have you tried the Swedish DiRT Cake recipe I gave you? 
  21. I'm just so happy the forums are here again! This is a good thing, that way I don't have to disturb the team with my ideas. Instead I can leave them here.  Also give more rally plx! 
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