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    F1 Beta

    I’m pretty sure this year is the 4th year Codemasters does a beta for the F1 game. For some reason, I’ve never been accepted into one even though I do league racing in the highest tiers of AOR, ILR and others, I drive with no assists and have a pretty good wheel setup. I’m starting to think that Canadians don’t get beta codes because there is no way my luck is that bad 😂😂 If this is the case, I just want to know why Canadians don’t get accepted for the betas.
  2. DralexZR1

    F1 Beta

    Yeah I’m think it might be random but my luck is so bad 😂 I’m 0/4 on betas. Tbh I’m not that fussed about it, I just wanted to know if there was a specific reason why I’m not getting in or if it’s just because I have horrible luck 😂
  3. DralexZR1

    F1 Beta

    This is what I wrote 😂 ”I have a huge passion for Formula 1 and for video games. I want to make sure the game is at the best it can be so everyone can have fun.”